Monday, January 31, 2011

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He went to the command center and gave a package to the lance corporal who was on duty.But these events were preceded in Naval Institute Proceedings (Lieutenant R. Whipps, Its Time to Scrap Dont Ask,ugg boots sale clearanceDont Tell, December 2009) who fortunately approached it from a dispassionate, logical perspective.

Unfortunately, it was followed by two letters to the magazine that demonstrated that logic doesnt always win the day. If privacy issues can be addressed and that remains a major if then the best way forward may be a more libertarian argument that changes the policy of Dont Ask,Dont Tell to Didnt Know, Dont Care that would permit gays to openly serve their country in the military. No more, no less. Didnt Know Dont Care would be based on individual competency.

It would not be about special privileges for any one group.Rather, it is about the freedom of individuals to serve.There are standards in the Navy as reflected by fitness reports or other assessments. The one question we should ask is: Can this individual do the job? After the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagans life.


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