Monday, January 31, 2011

Dotmedias Not Having Any Difficulty To Transition From Yahoo To Bing

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Yahoo (YSM) to Bing (adCenter) advertising campaigns transition in order to get the advantage of both Yahoo and Bing. Because of its very flexible semi-automated system, dotmedias has been able to transition most of its advertising campaigns from one provider to another.

The plan was to create an automated system that will be easy to maintain whatever happens to its advertising providers. The CEO and founder, Samuel R.B., wanted to create something that would allow him to expand its advertising coverage rapidly and in a uniform way. After thinking about it for some weeks to find the easiest way to create and maintain its advertising system based on external providers, Samuel decided to create a semi-automated system that allows him to create campaigns rapidly, manage bids and extract performance reports with a minimum effort.

APIs or simply pays a monthly (high) fee to use a third-party software that is based on those APIs, dotmedias has a huge advantage over them because its semi-automated system is not based on any API and is very flexible, costs a minimum to maintain and is very easy to use. That way, dotmedias can decide at anytime to use another advertising network, even if that network does not have any API.

About dotmedias:

Launched in 2009 in Quebec, Canada, dotmedias is an online marketing firm specializing in online advertising through search engines (like Google, Yahoo and Bing) and content website networks. Most of its customers are located in North America and Europe. It offers many internet marketing services like SEO, banner design, website design, landing page optimization.


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