Sunday, January 30, 2011

Filipinopoemsorg Brings The Best Of Philippine Poetry Closer To Students

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While shorts stories and novels are the most common and mos proliferated forms of literature today, Filipino poems are as much as, if not more interesting and curious at the same time. Learning about different Filipino poems written throughout the decades is discovering an entire culture, its history, and most of all its people.

And so many levels that could be dug even generations after its first publications. Filipino poems are as complex as any other one from another country, but the personas, the themes are more interesting because they are our own. However, the only sad part is that not a lot of resources are given especially to students, particularly these days that almost everyone is being dominated by social networking sites and the internet in general.

It's a great resource for the most wonderful readings of different Filipino poems by artists transcending generations, and then some. It's a great site for people who want to learn more about Filipino poems and the poets who wrote them, and for students who want to have something they could always consult without regarding their homeworks without going to the libraries.

Including a more convenient way of researching. But while it's more convenient, it doesn't necessarily mean that all the information that can be found in print can also be found online. A small slice of what students should and would learn if they went to the library to research all about the Filipino tula
, the elements, and whatnot.

The site, apart from being an informative and interesting read, also serves as a guide for students so they can appreciate more poetry even when they're online. It bridges the gap between past and present and closes it with a mindful notion of what the future is going to be like.

There is a lot to be learned about Philippine literature, but fortunately or unfortunately, these are not accessible in just books today. Because of the internet and different gadgets today, students can have so many options when they want to look for something in particular.


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