Friday, January 28, 2011

Five Quick Steps To Improve Brochure

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You can do few simple practices and tips regularly to always improve the form and look of your content. So for the sake of better printing outputs, just try to read the five tips listed down below. This should help you to quickly setup improved text content for your color brochures.

1.    If you are like any marketer, you will probably have marketing copy that is full of adjectives, adverbs and special long-winded slogans. While most of these are well and good, this also pads up with unnecessary content. By cleaning up all these extra content and only picking the most important details, you can develop a good layout that looks cleaner and of course is easier to read and understand. So try to review your content, make it more concise with the best details in the shortest possible manner.

2.   If you look at the many font styles that are available today, a lot of them have tons of details that can make the text content look a bit daunting and messy. However, by choosing precisely some of the new web 2.0 fonts out there that are classified as sans serif, it should be easy to get a clean type look with your text content.  You will be amazed really at how fonts can contribute a lot to a clean look, so make sure that you try to look for the best simple but distinct font styles for your content.

3.    Sometimes, all those boring paragraphs will make a custom layout look a bit daunting and boring. By turning some of those to lists when applicable, you can help break the monotony of those paragraphs, making things a lot more interesting. Moreover, with lists, people can actually understand and remember items better since the information is chunked. So when you can, try to turn some of those paragraphs into lists.

4.    Box certain sections – If it is not possible to turn a paragraph into a list, but it can be made into its own subsection, you can try to box that specific content. Boxed text sections are actually used widely in printing and they help make the content itself look interesting. You can even emphasize important material specifically with those boxed sections so that you can hem in the important parts within the content.

5.    Convert some descriptions into graphics – Finally, as they say, a picture paints a thousand words and if you are writing a very long description for a certain item, you might want to think and see if you can convert that into a graphic. Sometimes, illustrations, charts and graphics will show a lot more in a smaller space in your brochure if you use them. 

This helps you layout your color brochures better with a lot more extra space, while at the same time people should be able to have an easier time understanding the information presented to them. So when applicable try to convert those descriptions into graphics.

Great! Now you know how easy it is to improve the look and feel of your brochure content. Just remember the tips above and your content should look better, cleaner with content that is easier to read than most.


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