Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Guide To Finding The Right Printer

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The scheduled trade show to be held next week was suddenly moved to Thursday this week. You have not even sent your brochures and flyers for printing, yet.

Your boss was in his usual I am-so-pissed-off-mood. He frantically ordered you to have the brochures and flyers printed by Wednesday. It was like dooms day. No printer would accept such printing job in such short notice. If only Superman or even Edward Cullen has a direct line. You want to call them so badly to save your day. However, this is not make-believe. You have a real problem at hand, and you need real heroes.

Finding the right printing company to do your rush printing job would be a hassle. If you settle for a printer that offers substandard quality, you might find yourself with unsalable products and inferior marketing materials that is likely to cause you considerable stress. It is, therefore, critical to shop around and read printing reviews to find the right printing company.

So, how do you find the right printer? Here are some pointers to help you:

1. Look at the portfolio. Before you decide on a printer, ask for a copy of their previous work. Carefully examine them to see if they produce quality print work. If possible, ask for a trial print of your material. This will allow you to weigh up the quality of the printout to find out if it meets your standards. Also, ask if they focus in a certain type of work or range of quantities.

2. Look for good quality printing not for good design. When checking for the quality of work, look for clear, smooth, and clean colors, solid areas, and for focused images and text. Essentially, before a printer accepts a printing job, they will ask what form of design you will submit, the number of colors to use, the quantity required, how you want it finished, and packaged. It would help if you would show the printer an example of the quality print you expect.

3. If color printing is what you need, look for a good full color printing service. Many printing companies today offer good color prints. Just be cautious though of the different services these companies offer as different printing services offer different quality of work. Check carefully of the printout before availing of the service and agreeing to pay for the work.

4. Check out forums that discusses the work of different printing companies. Take note of the comments and suggestions they post in there. They would help you in your search for the right printer. You can also read reviews such as printplace reviews and other company reviews to know what other people think of the printer you are considering. Testimonials from other customers can also help you decide which printer to patronize.

Whether it is a rush job or not, is important to choose the right printer. Keep in mind that the final look of print job is critical, so trust only your printing need to the experts. Do careful research on the printer you are considering. Narrow the field by asking questions and finding people who can testify about the quality of the printer’s output. If you are able to find the right printer.


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