Sunday, January 30, 2011

How To Make Good Promotional Postcards

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Getting a message across is so much easy that many businesses have altogether forgotten the wonders of print marketing. However, despite the spread of digital marketing, many business owners still trust the marketing powers of postcard printing.

How do you think postcards were able to survive the digital age? It is actually simple. Businesses cannot simply avoid print media and physical mail. Even if digital ones seem to be easiest way to reach many customers today, printed are still essential to reach customers who are not so keen on digital cards.

They present businesses limited space and time with which to communicate your message. For this reason, it is critical to center your prints on three important elements:

1. What you offer or simply your products and services
2. Contact information such as your business name, address, contact numbers, and website if you have one.
3. Call to action or encouragement to make your customers do something about your postcard.
All these elements should be clearly delivered by your card. If your current prints are lacking one of the elements, consider redesigning it today.

Nevertheless, before you have your card sent for final printing, have an unbiased friend look at the card for you and ask them the following questions, what is being offered in the postcard, and are readers given ample information with what to do after receiving the card? The answers to these questions will surely help you design your postcard for the benefit of your target customers.

Here are pointers for you to consider on your next post card printing:

• Stay simple. Keep in mind that you only have a very short time to communicate your message, so keep your card simple and organized. Avoid overly creative texts and colors, as they would only clutter.
• Create a compelling headline. Make sure to include an effective headline in your card that summarizes your business in few simple words.

• Include a persuasive offer that your customers cannot resist. It is critical that you include the things that make you different from your competitors. Give them a compelling offer that will surely catch their attention.

• Choose graphically eye-catching design to grab attention. Nothing can grab attention more than a creative graphics. Choose carefully what images to include in your card. Make sure that they fit with the products or services and image you want to project.

• Make sure to tell your customers how to contact you. Give them your contact information and include persuasive phrases in your card such as call us, come to our open house, and visit our website.

By following these design tips and strategies in your next card printing, you get an effective and lower-cost means of getting your message across. Just the same, you get better results with your marketing campaign and achieve better return of investment in your marketing dollars.


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