Monday, January 31, 2011

Hy-Gen Against Global Warming (Press)

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It seems that these days, the main topics of our conversations are all about an alternative energy source for our Carbon Monoxide producing vehicles, which are the main culprits. Conventions after conventions are being held around the world just for one reason, Global Warming. All the natural elements around us are being looked into, water, wind, solar, gravity and so on. 

As we wonder and ponder on when are we going to get these technologies up and running, there are actually products with these technologies in our Malaysian market. Hy-Gen, say for instance, is already in the market since year 2005. It is a totally "home" grown product, which is made in Malaysia. With more than thirty-five thousand units sold to date, and sold to more than 15 countries around the globe, Hy-Gen uses only water to some extent; help the combustion of our vehicles.

Actually, it is not as dangerous as we think it will be. Hy-Gen actually brakes water, which is H2O, into H2 (Hydrogen) plus O (Oxygen). When these two gasses mixes back, it will become HHO, commercially called Brown's Gas. What comes out from Hy-Gen is not water but gas which is capable to burn up to 2500 Celsius. Ever imagined how hot is 2500 Celsius? Imagine using this gas to melt stone.

When Hy-Gen is installed to your car, it will be tuned to produce a small amount of Brown's Gas into your engine's combustion chamber. It won't be enough to melt any parts of the engine. In fact, it cools down the engine due to clean burning in the combustion chamber.
As we know, our vehicles will need any types of fossil fuel to run. It can be either petrol, diesel, NGV or LPG. All these types of fuels will need Oxygen as the catalyst to burn. Oxygen will be consumed from our environment and without it, the fossil fuel won't be able to burn or combust and our engines won't work. Normally, for modern cars, is it a Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota and many others, the ratio of air to fuel is 14:1. 

What Hy-Gen does is to turn Oxygen (from our environment) which is the catalyst to burn fossil fuel into also fuel. Which means the air consumed by our vehicles, is turned into fuel. Many of us may not be aware that fossil fuels are H2C which means Hydrocarbon. It also has that hydrogen element produced by Hy-Gen in it. The highest RON for petrol in Malaysia is 97. Simplified, RON means the burning power of this fossil fuel and the higher the RON is, the more efficient an engine will become. Price of fuel, when the RON is higher, will be more expensive than the lower ones. Brown's Gas on the other hand, has got up to almost 140 RONs as compared to fossil fuels which has lower RONs. 

When Brown's Gas is added to the vehicle's fuel and air mixture, an added boost is attained to the engine. Imagine adding 17 horse-powers to your car. This has been proven on a Ssangyong Rexton 270 XDI on the Dynamometer (also known as Dyno). By adding power to the engine, the vehicle will definitely feel lighter. This added power can be then used to save on fuel. How many percent of savings achieved will solely depend on the driver. But, it was reported that there are customers who achieved a whopping 72% on fuel savings by using Hy-Gen. 
There won't be any modifications to the car when Hy-Gen is installed but an additional fuel is added to the vehicle which is hydrogen gas. There also won't be any effects on the engine nor insurance claims as Hy-Gen is considered only an add-on in your vehicle. In fact, the dangerous carbon monoxide emitted from our vehicle's exhaust fumes will be tremendously reduced and therefore reducing green house gasses and you will be doing the environment a favour.

 Such as, from as low as RM400.00 up to RM700.00, we can be able to contribute our care for the environment by installing Hy-Gen to our vehicles and by doing so, we get to reduce down this fatal carbon monoxide which is slowly taking a toll on our planet destined for our future generations to come.


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