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It has a stylish classy look which cannot be compared with an ordinary leather shoes. The problem with suede material is that it tends to readily absorb water and stains into its fabric which is quite difficult to clean up. When it comes to cleaning suede shoes, your first priority is the safety of the fabric.

A wrong cleaning technique can badly ruin the rich quality of the fabric. For this reason, many people consider that the best way to clean suede shoes is to go for professional shoe cleaning. However, it is an expensive affair. So, for regular cleaning, you would not like to shell out so much of money. Therefore, it is better to clean it at home.

Cleaning Suede Shoes at Home:

When you start cleaning suede shoes, you must ensure that the shoes are in dry condition. If they are wet, then first allow it to dry properly. For faster drying, you can soak out some water with a dry towel or tissue paper. Then wipe off any lose dirt from the surface of dry suede shoes with the help of a soft and dry wash cloth. Now, you can clean up the suede shoes using any of the following methods.

Method #1:

You have to continue doing so as long as the ugly stain does not disappear completely. Once the stain is gone, you will notice that the surface looks rough and damaged. Do not feel disappointed that you have ruined your shoes. You can bring back the attractive look of the shoes with the help of a suede brush. Move the brush over the suede surface in gentle circular motions. This helps to smoothen out the rough texture of the suede caused by the eraser. If there are some stubborn scuff marks on the suede shoes, scrubbing with this brush will help you to get rid of them.

Method #2:

Take a small nail brush and dip it in a bowl of water. Then use it to dampen the stain on the outer surface of the shoe. If it is an oily stain, then you must apply lukewarm water in the area for best effects. Then soak the excess water from the suede with the help of a soft, dry piece of cloth or sponge. Thus the damp stain from the shoe will easily get absorbed into the sponge.

After the stain is removed, you have to leave the shoe untouched overnight and allow it to dry up. While drying suede shoes, put shoe stretchers or old newspaper balls inside the shoes in order to retain the normal shape of the shoes. This is because when wet suede shoes becomes dry, they tend to shrink and lose the original shape. The next day brush it with suede brush to restore the soft texture of the fabric.

Method #3:

However, cleaning white suede shoes is a bit tricky as you have to ensure that the dirt is thoroughly cleaned. Even a small spot of dirt left behind becomes easily visible. Moreover, you have to be careful that the dirt spot should not spread to the surrounding areas. If it is a moist stain, then the first thing that needs to be done is to put a white paper towel on it and press it to extract out maximum amount of liquid.

However, do not rub it over the suede as it can spread the stain. Any dry stain can be rubbed off with a suede eraser or pencil eraser. After that, take a soft piece of cloth and soak it in white vinegar and rub it on the suede with a gentle hand. After cleaning suede shoes with vinegar, you have to leave it untouched for the next 3-4 days so that it dries up thoroughly and the vinegar smell is gone. Finally, brush it up with the suede brush to restore its nap.

Hope this article helped you to understand how to clean suede shoes without causing any harm to them. No matter which method you use for cleaning suede shoes, you must apply a coat of protective suede spray on the suede surface after cleaning.


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