Monday, January 31, 2011

Ilkley Moor Art Supplies Uk With Tales Of A Mystery Moorland Beast

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The Art Shop in Ilkley, first heard about the mystery hound from one of his customers. "Word soon spread about the mystery beast up on t'Moors, and as soon as you could say 'Aggghhh, run for your lives', the whole town was talking about it" says Tim.

The mysterious Rombalds Moor is no stranger to stories of giants, fairies and visits from ET, but nothing has ever really been verifiable… until now. The large hound, wolf-like in form is said to be seen along the 'Windgate Nick' path to Addingham High Moor, close to Ilkley. Those unlucky enough to have come across it have mentioned it's upturned head, as if it is howling at the misty moon.

But Tim has something else to add about the mystery beast. The howling spectre is actually a brilliantly conceived twisted willow sculpture, a rival for any Antony Gormley creation.

"It's a fantastic sculpture that's just turned up over the past two weeks," says Tim. "Nobody knows exactly who the sculptor is, although I'm pretty certain he or she must be a regular in my art shop."

Customers of the Art Shop in Ilkley who have come across the sculpture are all keen for it to remain in place and for it to become a new Moorland landmark for area. Tim, who's online business sends art supplies ukwide says: "This is just another example of our fantastic Yorkshire creativity in action. The beautiful moorlands surrounding Ilkley and in Yorkshire in general have inspired artists right from the prehistoric ages. Once again our fine Yorkshire countryside inspires another artistic endeavour".

Ilkley apart, there seems to be a huge resurgence in interest in painting and drawing from all of the UK. Tim's online business sells artists equipment right across the UK and beyond. Brands such as Winsor and Newton, Loxley and Caran Dache are being bought widely as the UK population gets in touch with it's creative side and brushes up on it's artistic technique.

Don't let the kids miss out either! The Art Shop sends children's art supplies uk epages/BT2783.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/BT2783/Categories/Art_Supplies_UK ) wide as well. There are lots of great products to give the young 'uns a head start in their creative life - some art products come in sets like the great art boxes like the Reeves Watercolour Art Set and the Derwent Academy Wooden Pencil Box - perfect for the young artist.

Visitors wishing to learn more about the beast of Ilkley could do worse than head up on the moors and ask directions to 'Windgate Nick'. Those of you with an artistic disposition should head off first to the Art Shop and stock up on Caran Dache, watercolour brushes and artists easels, whereas those of you with a nervous disposition may be better off avoiding


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