Monday, January 31, 2011

Innovative Banner Stands Launched By Pilpulit

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Pilpulit is now presenting an additional improvement in banner stands. The new Banner Stands is now accessible to the public.

These Banner Stands boasts an exclusive curved, retractable shape. With the easy flick of levers, alter from linear to bend. These items can be linked together for an efficient 10’ display. It can be outlined for apply as a complete banner stand which converts to a linear tabletop display. Our Graphic Exchange program permits you to revise or modify your graphic to target explicit audiences devoid of investing in new tools.

One banner stand unit packs carefully in a lightweight, shielding carrying container. An entire unit with soft-sided casing weighs about 4 kg approx. Its hold pole sections are shock corded for trouble-free assembly and the graphic panel is placed inside the banner stand base. Just expand the spring-loaded graphic and attach to the supporting poles.

The colors necessitate being brilliant and the font large- this is what attracts the attention of customers in Roll up displays. Because of the good quality of items in the exhibition show display stands, client only spend a few seconds looking at most display stands and go to the most eye-catching ones in the roll up display stands. 

Our new hard-sided portable case features committed compartments with long-lasting foam to store and defend the banner stand base, light and pole. The box is hinged for straightforward way in and includes a lever and shoulder strap for trouble-free move.

For additional information on this or any other of banner stands products or services

The main features for selecting a Banner stand from Pilpulit…….

* Choice of lighting to boost your banner stand.
* Highly transportable and lightweight
* Fast and simple assembly is seconds
* Best value for funds you will locate in the market place
* Fast turnaround and release on all ranges of banner stands
* Complete studio support for banner stand graphics
* Free carry bag with every banner stands

About Pilpulit,. Selling and renting trade show displays, graphics, and services in the USA and UK market is tremendously aggressive. Pilpulit was established on the base of supplying unique modular, reconfigurable, lightweight, exhibit solutions not found in a different place in the market.


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