Sunday, January 30, 2011

Major Media One To Help Small Businesses Use Cable Tv

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 Major Media One is embarking on a campaign to encourage more small businesses to use cable TV to promote their products and services. With cable channel advertising rates at their lowest for years now seems to be the perfect time for local companies to make the step up to television exposure.

According to Christopher Pearce and Joseph Maseratti of Major Media One, small businesses can cash in on low advertising rates and really grow their business and he urges them to consider using the power of cable TV to promote their goods and services.

“Most small business owners assume that advertising on TV is way out of their budget and have not even considered the proposition. Many of these same businesses are spending a small fortune on newspaper and magazine advertising and are unaware that they could run an effective television campaign for the same money. We have decided to educate small businesses about their options and to make our wholesale media buying power available to them.

Advertising on television is not as expensive as many small business owners believe and thanks to the recession, and the amount of competing traditional and digital media that sell ads, prices have been falling. Small businesses can cash in on low advertising rates and really grow their business while many of the conglomerates have been reducing their advertising. Television alone has the ability to turn a small company into a big company in a very short period of time. It is the small business person's advertising dream that is now becoming a reality.

Mr. Pearce explains why businesses will want to make the step up to television. “Television advertising provides a very powerful vehicle for delivering a message about your product or service to the widest audience possible. The visual impact of video simply has a great ability to capture and hold the audience—more so than the more static mediums of print or audio media. Although it may seem like a daunting task, you can have your commercial produced by discount production houses for as little as $1500 today. The costs of producing a fifteen-, thirty-, or sixty-second television spot will vary depending upon the sets, special effects, talent, equipment, and crew necessary to pull off your concept but you don’t have to spend a fortune.

There is no doubting that television advertising can be effective but most businesses would not know where to begin or what kind of ad they should run for their product or service. This is where Major Media One comes in. They offer businesses of all sizes their expertise from more than 20 years in the industry and help them to decide what kind of commercial will work for them.

“We will educate business owners, regardless of their size, about television advertising and help them through every step of the process if they wish to proceed”, said Mr. Pearce. “We will help them understand what makes a good commercial, how to grab the attention of the viewer, how to produce the commercial they want and how to do that cost effectively in a way that fits within their budget. We use our expertise gained over 20 years in the industry to help them identify which cable channels will best get their message to their target audience and we will also use our wholesale purchasing power to enable them to buy the maximum number of TV slots for their budget.

“By far the biggest cost is placing the TV ad but this is where wholesale media buyers like us come in. The cost of placing a TV ad depends on the time of day, the program, and the zones your ad will appear in. Some stations are affiliated with networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox) and show national network programs that mix both national and local ads. Others offer specialized cable programming such as The Weather Channel and The Food Network.

Network advertising can be expensive but a realistic alternative is to advertise on cable TV where good media buyers like us can still find 30 second slots for less than $10. Generally speaking, for airing a 30-second commercial you should expect to pay about $20 to $30 for slots on channels like CNN, ESPN and Nick at Nite locally which is very cost effective. Many small businesses are spending $1500 to $2000 a week in print advertising which could pay for airing 200 or more TV commercials.

When you look back in history, many of today’s most successful brands were born from recessions and it is the enterprising small and medium size business that steps up today that could be the household name tomorrow. Television still provides a level of credibility for a business that print advertising will never match and with rates tumbling over the last couple of years it also offers exceptional value.

Major Media One is a wholesale media purchasing company based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


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