Monday, January 31, 2011

Now Even You Can Write Winning Email Series

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What if a million-dollar producing copywriter handed you his
template to writing winning autoresponder series emails?
What if he gave you the keys to his treasure chest
containing his swipe-file of killer email series that have
been responsible for pulling in cash like a vacuum on

What if he explained (nothing held back) and breakdown each
email to show you WHY they were so effective?
What if you got the TEMPLATE for each email so you knew …

*What to say in *each* paragraph
*What subject line to use to get more emails opened
*How to cut down your autoresponder series writing time by
over 70%?

In addition, you get his proprietary software that guides
you step-by-step to writing each email. And with a click of
a button out pops your autoresponder series ready to load
into your email service.
(Sounds almost too good to be true.)
This use to be wishful thinking, but not anymore.
Copywriter and Internet Marketing consultant Ray Edwards has
been writing for online clients for over 8 years now and is
one of the most respected email copywriters online today.

Now in one crazy move he has decided, after 7 years of
secrecy, to finally share his EMAIL WRITING TEMPLATES which
have made him and his lucky clients a ton of money.

No longer do you have to feel intimidated (or shell out
$thousands) to get a winning autoresponder series written.

(He charges over $2,500 a pop per email series!)
You’ll soon see how Ray Edwards’ Secrets of Writing Winning
Autoresponder Series (With Swipe File) and Autoresponder
Series Maker™ software can simplify your email marketing.

There’s no comparable product on the market. This is really
a dream-come-true product.


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