Saturday, January 29, 2011

Online Clippingpath Service And Image Service

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Business Process Outsourcing is rapidly spreading among various industry domains and has hit the Creative Media( Graphic Design) Industry as well. When such outsourcing business is emerging rapidly across the globe,

Bangladesh as a developing low labor cost nation is proving to be a preferred graphic design outsourcing services. And clipping path is one of the leading outsourcing services that have proved to be a cost saver graphic design service for many photo editing and manipulation businesses.

In computer graphics, clipping path is described as a closed vector path to knockout background of an image or silhouette an image to separate the image from its background to give it a newer or fresh look or backgrounds. A path is created by Photoshop's Pen tool, and the clipped images are saved as EPS files. Clipping path services assists graphic artists in various graphic processes.

Clipped image are the most desirable objects in marketing and ecommerce business. You can put different backgrounds to the clipped images, or use them in your ad campain such as product catalogs, flyers, posters. Place your product in magazines, or ecommerce website and more and let your customer hook to your product at its first sight.

You will be able to concentrate on your business utilizing the benefits of our outsourced service at very quick turnaround time and quality workmanship.


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