Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pixmac Microstock Photography Agency Simplifies Image Purchasing

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Microstock Photography company Pixmac has simplified purchasing great imagery by eliminating the need to register on its site to buy an image, says Vita Valka, CEO.

Virtually all other stock photography sites make a user sign up and select a username and password in order to buy images.  Sometimes even asking the customer a number of marketing questions such as job role, how much they spend on photography etc.

As designers themselves, Pixmac decided to do away with this bureaucraticregistration process. The company has no interest in knowing what city a customer was born in, or the name of their first pet.

The big question asked by Vita Valka, is “Why make customers login in at all? And why make them remember yet another username and password that a large number of stock photography buyers forget anyway.

All Pixmac requires is a customer's e-mail address and a credit card number or a Paypal reference. The customer is then able to buy an image straightaway. Most of the registration process on other stock sites seems to be more about collecting marketing information to help support marketing activities.

‘Pixmac’s basic aim’ says Mr. Valka ‘is to make it as easy and as simple as possible for our customers to  be able to select and buy the best possible images for their needs.

Main features include an impressive and extremely varied collection of 11 million budget images, advanced search for similars, zoom functionality, and simple to use lightboxes.


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