Friday, January 28, 2011

Skyline Dfw Events

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Attendees will learn useful tips, techniques, and tools for integrating social media into their event marketing programs. CEO of Magic Logix, Hassan Bawab, will speak on the importance of online marketing for event promotion to increase booth traffic and maximize return on investment. The event will take place at Skyline DFW Exhibits & Events, located at 900 Avenue S, Grand Prairie, TX, 75050.

Registered guests will leave with an understanding of event marketing and how to generate booth traffic with pre-show social-media marketing communication. Speakers will discuss the “must have” social media tools, how to use these tools, and important tracking methods to measure success.

Other topics include integration of social media into your mobile marketing campaigns for tradeshow and event promotion. In addition to pre-show promotion through social media, the seminar will cover post-show follow up steps to re-connect with event leads using social media communication to build relationships.

To register for this event Space is limited so please reserve your spot early. Registration is required in order to attend and lunch will be provided free of charge to all registered guests. Seminar attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of how to maximize the return on their marketing investment utilizing social media marketing to promote tradeshow exhibit booths and events.


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