Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tdi International Strong Rebound

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Year 2010 was a period of significant business growth and team building efforts for leading OOH group TDI International India Ltd. In the early part of the year, the group saw a sudden exodus of key team members. Hiyav Bajaj, director,
TDI International India Ltd,
 and his team took of the challenge of rebuilding the business.

By the year end, the group has not only retraced its growth path but has set the ground for big growth in the coming years. Bajaj talks about the groups growth plans and competitive strengths in an interview tonetwork2medias Rajiv Raghunath Excerpts:

TDI International is one of Indias foremost OOH players. How would you describe the groups growth experience over the years? 

We at TDI International India Limited had to learn from our own experiences being perhaps the first ones to take a step towards an organised outdoor advertising industry. We made our presence felt on the OOH scene in India as Advertising Rights Concessionaire at major international airports like Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata.

Each time, every time our steps were path breaking benchmarks for the industry and for the first 15 years we added numerous airports to become a name synonymous with airport advertising. TDI expanded fiercely and aggressively to have countrywide infrastructure at 21 locations.

I must say that TDI has been blessed to foresee the potential in new emerging opportunities and has always ventured in the unknown turf repeatedly with excellent results Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, DLF Malls and a specialised outdoor agency TDI Media Services are some of the examples.

Recently TDI has also entered the Internet and mobile advertising space and forayed in print where we have handled Fortune Hotel using leading news dailies and magazines.

In fact, the current status of the company is the sum total and dedicated efforts of last 25 years of its existence. Each day of the journey has been a rewarding, learning and satisfying experience.

What are the fresh challenges that you see in the Indian OOH industry? And how are you preparing TDI International business and people for the big future?

Whilst on one hand, OOH industry is undergoing tremendous innovative changes, on the other, especially in India, uncertain environments prevail due to constant changes in government rules and regulations and absence of pre-defined standards. However, this is only a matter of time when an indigenous overall well-defined scenario evolves in the country.

The OOH media continues to undergo tremendous changes over the years - from crude wall posters and conventional hoardings, this most high impact low cost media has come a long way. Today OOH media boasts of giant size facades, excellent designs of multi-face billboards to digital screens.

TDI has been a frontrunner in implementing the latest world-class innovations and new technologies and has always enhanced the skill sets of its people. We align the right resources to the right job and ensure that the standards and strict processes are followed.

Our teams endeavour is to convince the clients to make OOH an essential part and parcel of any marketing spends. We actively look for new talent who can help TDI prepare for a big future ahead, coupled with aggressive future expansion plans, both from client and media acquisition perspective.

Where do you see TDI International in the next 3-5 years? 

TDI looks forward to making a mark in the next half decade as a leading composite media operator that is known for professionalism, quality and services, delivering a complete client satisfaction. TDI owns a legacy in OOH and we will continue to be the leading voice in this space. 


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