Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tips On Poster Design By Deployment Location

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It is okay to design and print posters for a general location and audience.

However, it also pays to have specific kinds of targeted designs, especially for advertising. In this reference guide, I will give you a few tips on poster design that are specific to locations. With these tips mind, it should be easy for you to adapt your color posters in any area you want and make them succeed.

At high traffic areas When you are targeting high traffic areas in which to deploy, it is best to be as impressive and noticeable as possible. You will be competing with the reader attention in these areas.

That is why it is always good to have large full color posters when you are targeting these high traffic locations. The bigger and more colourful they are, the better your impact and presence. So make sure that you adjust the size as well as make the design as impressive as possible when you want to deploy to high traffic areas.

At bulletin or post boards When it comes to post boards or bulletin boards, the best thing to do is to focus on your distinct or original elements. Typically, bulletin boards and post boards will have many other related materials.

You will need to stand out among these things so that the attention will be drawn into it first when people are glancing or reading the bulletin board. You do not have to print large ones like the ones stated above. A standard size with colors and images that are very different from the board posts will be ideal to make your promotions better.

At public gathering places Now, in public gathering places, you will need a combination of important design elements to be effective. Since it is a public place (such as a sporting stadium, a park or a performance hall), there will be plenty of people from all different locations, sizes and shapes. There are three main things that you must do with your posters considering all these elements in a public gathering place.

- Large format Again, since you are dealing with a large location here, you will need large sizes to be easily noticed. Even though it is expensive, a large format is still the most cost effective way to promote in a large public area. Therefore, you must print large posters if you want to be effective in this kind of arena.

- Large text Text comes to play a little bit here since you will want to gain attention not only just by images but also by words. Adding power words such as FREE and DISCOUNT for these types of locations will surely get you increased readership.

- Design variety Finally, since you will be promoting in a place where many different people are, you will want to have a little design variety. Do not just print one design. Print several designs targeted at different demographics. This will help you capture a wider portion of your market more directly in these types of locations.

At store windows and walls Finally, when you are printing for store windows and walls, the general rule is to have decorative, appealing designs and of course in line with the current theme of the location. You will not want to create posters that look out of place.


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