Friday, January 28, 2011

Tune Up Your Pc And Save Money

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The owner and lead engineer of Archeon Computer Services has written a free ebook "Tune Up My PC For Free", which can be downloaded on how you can tune up your pc and increase performance using only free utilities available on the internet. He has also started a technical blog where common questions are answered in a way obtainable to everyone, not just the technical elite.

These articles currently include a description of how DNS resolution works (how the internet works!), what is RAM, how to use chkdsk and what the benefits of doing so are, advice on some programs everyone should have installed and new articles are being added every few days to keep the content fresh! Simon is also taking requests from readers of the blog in order to target his content directly to the people that want it and to give professional advice all at no cost to you!

Simon is committed to helping and training people to be able to maintain their existing computers and expanding their life span through the use of easy to use and freely available utilities in order to save you money and time! People who sign up to the Archeon Computer Services mailing list also receive exclusive promotions including free access to a technical support forum.


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