Sunday, January 30, 2011

Veteran's day dinner

((•)) Hear This Text

Anyone who has never received  your Cross of Malta need call the Post at 334-2551.  Our Commander, Tom Horvath, is interested in making sure that all vet's are recognized approprately.

If you are a Veteran from Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Somalia, or Iran, and have not yet taken advantage of your right to belong to a local post, please come down and join the Men's Auxilary.  We are encourageing you as we have experience in helping our vet's hve access to many helps that we have found that vet's are in need of. 

After dinner there will be a program at which time a framed tribute to the memory of General George S.Patton will be dedicated at the post.  The grave rubbing and photographs of the United States Cemetary at Luxembourg were donated to our post by Lt. Col. Mark S. Carroll, Operations Officer of the 910th airwing.  Mark is a Fremont native who graduated from Fremont Ross High School in 1972 and from Kent State University in 1985.


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