Sunday, January 30, 2011

Warning Regarding Print Advertising Publications

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Neville Pettersson, who is the author of the Best Print Ads Writing Manual and whom also owns a successful Advertising Firm, expresses "small business owners are generally much too trusting, they don't realise that there are a lot advertising reps out there that only genuinely worry about selling advertising space!".

Minimal textual content and lots of photos and design. Neville Pettersson explains that this is the case because a lot of advertising sales representatives provide an all care, no accountability, manner to making offline advertisements. "They're lazy... Once they've sold to you, the easiest thing for them to do is load the advert up with photos and logos" states Neville. The rationale here is glaringly evident. This simply means less work for them and much more time in order to sell extra advertising placements.

The type of editors I am referring to here depend on this particular fact" comments Neville Pettersson further. His statements certainly ring true at a period of time where every advertising cent is precious. He warns small enterprise owners to be mindful wherever they place their trust and ensure that all their marketing and advertising work is checked for performance.


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