Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Capital Power Rewrite the China Printing Territory

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It is worth noticing that, the core industry in the news printing----printing, press, publish and the related activities industry increasing value are over 1660 Yi Yuan, taking up over the 60% of the synchronism cultural industry core increasing value.
The capital operation has become the necessity trend of the china printing; the capital power is rewriting the china printing territory. At the present, the competition for the china printing is very hot and strong, the annex and the combine is very popular, Nan fang Printing Media hopes to be stronger and bigger with the capital market.
In July, News Printing Headquarter Printing Industry development officer Fan Weiping issued "News Printing Industry analysis report in 2009" and expressed, they are positive to promote reform to the place printing enterprises into the market, in the future, it will be a good "culture fresh force" in the capital market. According to this "News Printing Industry analysis report in 2009" to the whole nation news printing group income and capital scale rank analysis, the enterprises with the rank near the first are including some hot companies in the capital market. Regarding with the first ten printing groups, the first one to be successful by others is Anhui Printing Group, the rank is the eighth, and what is more, the rank is the first is that the Jiangsu Fenghuang Printing Media Group, it earlier has been confirmed the internal national IPO in to the market (when they open to collect the shares at the first time.

That is because we confirm our market main body identification; we can be able to go to the market, to be stronger and bigger with the capital market. The data shows, the market main body basically comes to be after the news printing system reform, in 2009, the enterprise corporate units take up 96.3% of the corporate units' total amount.
As switching to new terms process becomes faster, on one hand, the printing group scale is fast to be bigger, Fenghuang Printing Media Group, Shandong Printing Group, Hubei Yangtze Printing Group separately becomes the biggest culture industry group in the province; on the other hand, printing group annex and combine process is to be faster---in 2009, Jilin Printing Group and China Industrial and Commercial unite book concern switch to new terms and combine, at the same time, the Specialized Education Printing Group consists of High Level Education Book Concern, People Education Book Concern.


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