Tuesday, February 1, 2011

China Printing Enterprises Are Difficult to Be Stronger and Larger

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 The biggest scale economic complex printing group----Jiangsu Feng Huang Printing Group, the avenue of 2009 is 68.1 Yi Yuan, the profits amount is 12.1 Yi Yuan, only to be 11.0% for sales income and 12.4% for sales profit in 2008 of Britain Pearson Group…

Although we have got the big progress if we compared with ourselves, but if compared with the European and America, china printing industry did indeed not enough. Our some certain books if compared with the western similar ones, they are rough from edit concept to the content writing and then to advertising and promotion, standing on the part of the readers, to choose the topics and plan them from the market angle is totally not sufficient. 

 However, according to the Chinese special national conditions, administrative division features are very obvious for the people, and any place also hope the enterprises in their administrative division to become stronger and larger and not hope they are used to be annexed, this causes the enterprises development space to be limited.
In addition, the multi-industry also face this difficulty, seeing from the international printing media group, they often get the multi-industry diversification development through the annex and the purchase, but the books take up very small, and in our country, because the industry block wall has been existed for a long time, all the different kinds of industry also want to make their own industry enterprises to be stronger and larger, if we want to break the block wall, that is not very easy for us. 

The related experts point out, how to reduce the regional protectionism policy when during the cross-border adjustment, how to coordinate working of the different kinds of publicizing department including publicizing, culture, BS and news issue, news printing department and so on of the center and the district taking charge of, how to open the social capital and keep their benefits on the principles, how to reduce the related deal for the market company and the company which is ready to go into the market, all of them need us to make the refining policy.
Due to several printing groups are leading in the printing market, this result we have seen very clear in some European and American countries.


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