Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cog 480 Exam Question

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Section – Design considerations to support other systems
Describe the appropriate composition of a Planning Implementation team
Describe relationships between data and reports
Describe design considerations that impact reporting
Describe the effects of model changes on existing reports
Describe the process of reporting using IBM Cognos 8 BI with consideration of changes that may be required within BI to get optimum performance from BI
Section – Design, Common Challenges
Describe modeling techniques to address common challenges and scenarios
Describe the appropriate use of Blueprints
Section – Prepare solution for end users
Describe functionality available for automation and use of Planning Manager to control automated processes.
Identify the considerations for different deployment options
Strategies for long term storage of Planning information
Describe the effective use of security roles for administrators and end users
Describe how to apply security to an application
Describe benefits of providing system documentation to administrators and end users
Describe techniques for adding information to the application to be used as documentation
Describe resources to support the operation phase of a Planning implementation

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COG-480 exam guide
1. What issue is Iterative Development specifically designed to address?
A. No developed solution will satisfy all users equally.
B. Users often feel that IT does not understand the business.
C. The very act of developing a system or solution could change the business requirements.
D. Users understand their business processes but they do not usually understand application development.

Answer: C
2. What is a major flaw of the Waterfall approach to system development?
A. There is no Analyze phase; the steps go from Plan directly to Design.
B. Steps are followed sequentially without returning to previous steps.
C. Technical constraints tend to overrule user requirements.
D. This approach can only be implemented using large teams.

Answer: B
3. When developing a Cognos Planning system, when is prototyping most useful?
A. When the user requirements are unclear.
B. When the development team is very large.
C. When the client can afford the extra time and cost required.
D. When the solution is being implemented for a department other than Finance.


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