Monday, February 14, 2011

Conservit ltd business assets launches products that reduce the cost of looking ater consumer and business assets

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Conservit Ltd, UK.  has created and launched a range of products that will reduce the cost of looking after consumer and business high value assets. The strategy behind the launch was derived from the desire to promote the policy of  'refurbish  not  replace' this  inspired the range to be brought to market.

The products over and above their competitors offer 'cleaning, refurbishment and protection' attributes,  giving the consumer a full service solution under one brand. The products  will reduce maintenance.

The range is designed to clean, refurbish and protect;
· Wood,
· Stone,
· Glass,
· Metals
· Polymers and Plastics
 (Caravan and Marine), Home, Garden, Conservatory and Industrial markets. The range and can be applied to Leisuregives the home owner or business owner a product they can apply or have applied that will give professional results. The products are backed by a technical support service to assist clients to get the most out of the range. The products are easy to apply and safe to work with and will save money, time, and the environment.

Conservit is extending its search for sales agents and distributors in National and International markets who are suitable to assist the brand to reach consumers.

Conservit Ltd is a specialist substrate renovation business with expertise in the maintenance of Stone, Wood, Glass, Plastics and Metals. Formed in 2009 the business aims to promote the policy of 'refurbishment rather than replacement' pursuing the principles of saving money.


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