Monday, February 14, 2011

Emtme 2011 Addresses Middle East Environmental challenges

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Al Atheen for Exhibitions, Jordan's premier event management company, announces that EMTme 2011, the Middle East Expo & Conference on Environmental Management and Technologies, will be held from 21-24 November at Zara Expo, Amman, Jordan. The three day exhibition will showcase the best enviro-friendly products and services from around the world. The Expo will feature an integrated display of the latest eco and environment friendly products, services, and innovative technologies for pollution and emission control, water purification, waste management and recycling, clean energy, and many others.

Manufacturers from all over the world to interact and connect with various industry stakeholders and professionals in the region. With an expanded exhibition floor, a number of new features and a large choice of free seminars, a visit to EMTme will offer you contacts, solutions, ideas and advice, whatever industry you work in." says the exhibition manager Mr. Mustafa Tarifi of Al-Atheen.

The exhibition is targeted at professionals from various industries such environmental managers; health and safety officers; biotechnology, pharmaceutical, & petrochemical professionals; water, waste & recycling professionals; developers and building constructors; facility owners and operators; hospitals and medical facility representatives, industrialists and manufacturers; municipal & regional government authorities, suppliers, wholesalers, dealers and distributors; policy makers; senior governmental representatives.

Climate change and control, air-pollution and emission control, recycling and reuse systems, advanced warning systems, wastewater treatment & purification, sewerage treatment, solar energy, wind energy, bio-energy, geothermal energy, energy services, energy conservation and efficiency, desalination technologies, water extraction,  filtering & separating equipment,  industrial water management, refuse collection and transport recycling & treatment, custom engineered solutions, amongst others.

Conferences held alongside EMtme includes:

The Second International Conference  on Information Technology and its Applications in Environmental Management & Planning (Enviromatics 2011); The Second International Conference on Environmental management & Technologies (ICEMT 2011); in addition to EMTme 2011 conference that addresses major developments in sustainable management and technologies in four environmental sectors: Water, Waste, Clean Energy, and Air-Pollution and Emission Control.

The three conferences are organized by specialized academic and research institutions from Jordan, USA, UK, Canada and Australia.


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