Saturday, February 12, 2011

Private insurance

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According to a new study, released Tuesday, by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.
The report goes on to state that of those Americans who are uninsured, 17 to 46 percent have medical conditions, most commonly adults aged 55 to 64. This group has long been recognized as a problem spot in the health-care system because this group tends to have higher medical expenses but does not yet qualify for Medicare. 

This is a major opportunity for durable medical equipment providers and pharmacies that cater to the private insurance market. By providing coverage to this long overlooked demographic, these businesses can gain a larger market share. But how do they reach these Americans effectively without their marketing expenses going through the roof?

Their approach is to keep marketing costs down through its custom phone-verified, syndicated TV, and on-line lead generation programs.

Prizm developed a proprietary process that allowed its pharmacy and medical equipment clients, which cater to the private insurance market, to increase their customer base exponentially. “According to one of our private insurance client’s reports, their customer base grew by 2000% in the last three quarters of 2010, due to our lead generation campaigns.


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