Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Three Reason Why You Need Marshell DN-11 Electric Vehicle

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 The motor is 5KW/72V DC motor. The differential is whole style steel rear axle, reduction ratio: 12.49. The controller is 400A/72V full electric speed controller. And the charger is 20A/72V full automatic high frequency charger. There are totally 12 batteries for this vehicle, and each of them is 216AH/6V. When talk to the suspension, it is Macpherson strut suspension.

The range of this electric vehicle is 80-100km. And the maximum speed is 28km/h. If you have an interest in knowing the grade ability, it is 20%. All of the vehicle in this type including front and rear lights, rear view mirrors, electric horn and rust-proof body structure.

Last but not least, Marshell electric vehicle, as the most famous Chinese brand for electric vehicle and utility vehicle, is characterized by its high efficiency, zero-emission, and energy-saving. Besides, it is also no pollution and design beautifully. Therefore, it gains great popularity since comes out. Nowadays, you can find Marshell electric vehicle, and Marshell utility vehicle in police patrols, high-class communities, golf courses, theme parks, and even campuses. Golf cart and golf trolley is also the main product of this company. 


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