Friday, July 15, 2011

Sample Sales Proposal Letter

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Simply put, a sale letter is a communiqué designed to create sales. Its principle is to persuade the booklover to take a programmed action. The exploit could be to acquire impressive, place an sort, vote for impressive or a celebrity, or just apply for added in turn.
A commanding sales letter is one that touch the heart of the reader and convince him or her to take deed. A single sales letter can be the most commanding promotion tool any business landlord can ever have, provided it is well-thought-out in addition to well-written.
A good sales letter is never comprehensive. It must make a specific offer to its booklover and ask him or her to obtain a specific action.
For case a letter that talks about how great a business is, selling 120 items may not be because effective as a letter that focus on selling just say a Gents GPS Wrist Watch. By mere focusing on a on its own item or service, you can augment the power crammed in a sale letter by a thousand times.
In order to be efficient a sales letter must be shortest, reach specific viewers, be convincing, and clearly point toward the next step the reader should take.
Remember, the purpose of a sales letter is to buy, not merely to tell
Here is a short and sleek trial Sales Proposal Letter Motivational Training isolation wrote to a probable corporate client. Communication that just one particular "Team Development" course is being at an angle to the client. Note also how the friendship builds self-reliance of the client in the service by submission a huge efficiency benefit and test right in the headline.
Mr. Steve Wilkinson
Executive Director
XYZ Productions
Princeton, NJ xxxxx
Double Your Team's Productivity or You Don't Pay
Dear Mr. Wilkinson,
Are you have trouble boosting self-esteem of your employees? Are you verdict it difficult to get the greatest output from your team? Do you think your squad can perform a good deal better if only they all worked mutually?
Well. If you are like nearly all business owners, you may have dilemma finding the time to keep your team supercharged. This is why it is vital to have a specialist receive care of your most imperative assets - people.
At Freedom Inc., we focus in change of average teams in to super performer. We have the skills and practice to come in and help you:
1. Energize your team
2. Take care of efficiency, motivational and ego-at-work issues
Better still, all our morale boost and productivity augmentation programs are 100% guaranteed. If you don't get the obligatory results, you can have your money back.
Are we for real?
Yes. We are real. We be confident because we have deliver such results before. Don't take my word for it. take note to what our recent patrons have to say on the subject of us;
[Testimonial 1...]
[Testimonial 2...]
So, may we stop by and offer you a FREE consultation on how to double, if not triple, the productivity of your human resources? If so, just single out up the phone in addition to call us today on xxx xxxx.
Yours in greater business accomplishment.


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