Monday, August 15, 2011

Internet Marketing Online Press Releases for SEO

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Press releases can boost a websites SEO and as a result raise traffic, conversions and sales. Because of the internet online press releases can be distributed worldwide within minutes of being published. Too many internet marketers however are ignoring the potential of these SEO gems.
Online media releases should not be perplexed with those for usual 'offline' media. These target print media, television and radio stations and getting ink or airtime on these has always been not easy - unless your news is quirky or groundbreaking.

Links for SEO
Internet marketers - any business with an online occurrence - can increase their search engine rankings and grow website traffic. While those traditional media releases want to be written to an industry accepted format, online press releases are more flexible and able to contain active links - and links from high ranking websites (like the distribution networks) are priceless for SEO.

There are many online news release distribution services. The ones with best reach, results and status come at a charge, but you get what you pay for. If it is blog results that you want, then the free services work well. Many professionals into him PR world suggest using both - but not the same release.
Create a top notch one for the premium distribution service, and the rewrite it for the free service. Make sure the heading is different in each.

Target Your Niche
Most PR professionals now recommend clients with online businesses this type of service. They know the laser-like focus that can be achieved by using well researched keywords, words that attract buying customers.
A well crafted and distributed SEO release can boost a company's online presence, whether they are a firm or a one-man band. Online media releases are cheap and can be modified to any specific niche. Their results can be tracked - as simply as setting up a Google alert!


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