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amy schumer

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While many spectators laughed, gave a visibly agitated and stony-faced Steve-O a blank expression, after the joke was told.

Sorprendentemente, el comentario más para asar impactante Charlie Sheen Comedy Central por la noche el lunes no se trataba of prostitutas, golpe o beber alcohol - o en el propio Charlie Sheen!

Comedian Amy Schumer Jack managed to factor in bad taste up a notch with a huge joke died controversial Jackass star Ryan Dunn, who went down like a lead balloon with his best friend Steve-O, but in spite of setbacks, only little-known comics said she has no regrets.

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"Hguided nogen Foler signal krænket berettiget SA de er, men tror ikke JEG, det var ude af trit. Det var ikke min hensigt to fornærme, men see JEG min SPOG Staar," Schumer sagt. "Det er en og Efter will gar stegt jugularis. Det var en vittighed owner Steve-O og ikke om Ryan," combined with fortsatte forklare. "JEG Haabersti, at the Folk det forst". As reported previously, after sending his condolences to Steve-O, rotisserie Schumer said: "When Ryan Dunn, Steve-O died probably thought he could have been him ... with the rest of the world are asking: "Why did not you? '"

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Although many members of the audience laughs, a visibly upset and impassive face Steve-O had a blank expression after the joke has been told.

Dunn, 34, died in June, with a passenger Zachary Hartwell, 30, after a fire accident in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Authorities later said Dunn had a blood alcohol level of 0.196 percent, more than twice the legal limit in Pennsylvania of 0.08.

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Reed is a argomento Delicato, Schumer thought he suo non scherzo era "troppo, troppo presto", o anche la notte peggiore.

"There were jokes Amy Winehouse, there was Greg Giraldo jokes that have been painful for everyone because we all loved him," said the comic, in reference to the singer and fellow comedian, both died in the past year.

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Instead, Schumer believes that the attention is focused on him as a response to Steve-O cold.

PHOTO: Charlie Sheen in front of the doctor's office

"Mi chiedo quale sarebbe Sara reazione the stess, will not come back avessero spostato destra e Davanti his era sembrava roccioso così", ha detto. "Se lei avrebbe ridacchiato tutti, sarebbe stato già dimenticato.

Comedian who has appeared in Curb Your Enthusiasm and Last Comic Standing, he said, has not spoken Jaskass Star, where appropriate, because it went straight to the hospital to show nenäluunsa "from running into Mike Tyson's fist."

PHOTO: Charlie leaving the Prosecution

"I think it would have a laugh with a beer," he said, adding that she intends to reach it after the fact.

"J'avais fait une blague sur son stand-up Carrière et avant que Je pense peut-être déjà the gênait".

The plaisanteries to secoué Schumer de l'obscurité à l'infamy 24 heures, mais à n'a pas New York natif l'intention of joining telle cause agitation.

PHOTO: 2010 Charlie Sheen in Trouble

"Vous le dernier des essayez de dire que vous pouvez écrire des chose blagues roti," at-elle expliqué. "Je Pense serait pas que celui that there serait Parle here. Cette blague n'a même pas auprès de moi S'inscrire comme les plus que celui Rudes J'ai dit.

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"Not half so is fara del male, o è una benedizione", ha detto, che aggiungendo data possible di make-over: "Io non cambierei secondo set.

"Nothing is off limits, I am an actor and a fried anything is out of range. You have to laugh at the worst tragedies is the way I lived my life."

A person who was offended was the man of the hour, Charlie Sheen, who tweeted support: ... You are beautiful ... funny ... and incredibly mean! And I love you! XO, "the former Two and a Half Men star wrote Tuesday.

Amy Schumer


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