Friday, September 23, 2011

facebook news update

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Sean Parker Et, l'homme derrière le service of partage de musique Napster gratuit et un conseiller debut of Facebook, aime donner aux gens well ce qu'ils veulent.

(Reuters) - When someone that has been played a few Justin Timberlake's Hollywood Decide IN A party substitutes, expectations are high enough.

And Sean Parker, the man behind the service Napster music sharing free counsel early in Facebook, likes to give people what they want.

Parker, der er i musiktjeneste investor in Spotify, sat until i alle sejl post-festival torsdag På Facebook Developers Conference, der var krydsning backstage pass og Mellem Trimalchio koncert festival.

The game was reminiscent of the dotcom boom in late 1990 when a flamboyant bursts initiated by well-funded start-ups were almost a weekly event. A decade later, the Web business valuations are on the rise again, led by companies such as Facebook, Groupon and Zynga, and talk of another bubble in the air again.

This liver, the whole economy and trample EST Blocks Unemployment at 9.1 percent. But the party Parks, which took place in San Francisco Potrero Hill neighborhood, an Underline the euphoric atmosphere in engineering, a management venture capital investors it in a Sector of the Internet.

Those lucky enough to score an invitation had been bussed to a private warehouse covered with graffiti that Parker had converted to an opulent den of decadence, with spit-roasted pork, sashimi bars, ice and chilled Dungeness crab cocktail lounges, free-flowing.

Parker, who was portrayed by Justin Timberlake celebrated as the feast lasts Internet entrepreneur in 2010 is "social networking" films, gave a short speech on stage with Spotify CEO Daniel Elk to start things off.

Mais ce n'était pas conférence de presse ordinaire the. Les médias types of assis dans un spécial "presse" zone - seulement au lieu de le stylo et du classique pad papier, généralement fournis dans les sections de presse, chaque siège est équipé d'une bouteille tequila lourdes et d'un seau of glace.

The adicción to the singer Perry Farrell of Jane's husky mezclados antes de subir multitud hile the Escenario para Realize a mini concierto. Incluyen otros actos Killers, Snoop Doggy Dog y DJ Kaskade.

Spotify tiettävästi esiin huikeat 100 miljoonaa dollaria rahoitusta kesäkuussa, mutt oli sana juhlissa see Etta Parker rahoittanut Itse bash.

Ce fut pour Parker joins mouvementée semaine. 31 ans Le Parker était juste dans un long morceau profile Forbes surnommé "perturbation agent," he jeudi et plus tôt avec dévoilé a Spotify partenariat qui permettre aux utilisateurs Facebook Facebook Spotify mélodies à écouter.

What better reason for a party?


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