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Floyd Mayweather Vs. Carlos Baldomir

((•)) Hear This Text down to "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather and Carlos Manuel de "Tata" Baldomir for WBC Welterweight Championship of the world in an HBO Pay Per View Saturday, November 4, 2006, Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.


Mayweather won by UD full report below

Floyd Mayweather

Record: 36 wins 0 losses

KO Ratio: 66.6%

Age: 29

Stance: Orthodox

Rank: 72''

Height: 5 '8

Trainer: Roger Mayweather

Notable victories ...

Jose Luis Castillo

Diego Corrales

Home: Floyd Mayweather

Carlos Baldomir

Record: 43 wins 9 Losses

KO Ratio: 22.41%

Age: 35

Stance: Orthodox

Range: 67 "

Height: 5 '7

Instructor: Joseph Lomas

Notable victories ...

Zab Judah

Arturo Gatti

Home: Carlos Baldomir

A common enemy: Zab Judah

Maweather Won UD - UD Baldomir Won

2 common opponents: Arturo Gatti

Won 6 TK0 RD Mayweather - Baldomir won TK0 RD 9

Baldomir-Mayweather Fight Promoter: Goossen Tutor

Tickets: Ticketmaster

Location: Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

TV: HBO PPV - Sky Sports 2

Mayweather - Baldomir

By Curtis McCormick

After months of speculation that the welterweight Floyd Mayweather to face IBF champion different opponents in a series of weights, the agreements were signed in his hand quickly from Michigan square off the WBC champion, Carlos Baldomir in a unification clash between the numbers on November 4. On paper, this competition is the biggest challenge of his career is human, but it remains to be seen whether the actual match itself in which to live, that the assumptions.

Baldomir, 09/06/43 (13), is the first natural welterweight Mayweather has had the opportunity to share the tires, and an increase in Argentina specialized in the kind of relentless forward pressure and Jose Luis Castillo used to good effect in first fight against "Pretty Boy".

Mayweather, 36-0 (24), was a dazzling fast, and the foot, hand and reflex as a super featherweight and has taken this interest in travel to Welter. This speed is exponentially magnified boxing skills that accompanies it as a long list of victories Mayweather opponents can testify.

Early in his career, Mayweather has been close to untouchable, damn near perfect. But Emanuel Augustus was the first to tarnish that invincibility, put more leather on Floyd in a losing effort than anyone before, when the two met at 134 pounds in October 2000.

Mayweather has no fear against Jose Luis Castillo, for the first time in April 2002, which sets the pattern of its future difficult fight when Mayweather stepped up in weight that was difficult for her first trip to the higher weight class.

It was evident against Castle as you approach the light and back to light welterweight against DeMarcus Corley in 2004. This mold was broken when Mayweather went up to welterweight, but it is difficult to place in their fight against Sharmba Mitchell by Mitchell last November, as it was far beyond his prime.

Zab Judah, Mayweather has produced a real welterweight at the start of four months ago, and the faithful, was a fantastic talent, multi-weight champion stretched their difficulties in the early stages of the match.

Baldomir can press their advantages in weight and more power to beat Mayweather natural gifts? Augusto Castillo, Corley and Judah his success against Floyd for showing up and throwing lots of leather and all that was closer to Castillo, of course, none was able to beat Mayweather.

Baldomir will certainly try to pressure on the champion boxer, and is trying to break Mayweather as he did successfully against Gatti and Judah, to a lesser extent, but 35 years and a long career, he can not have the courage to stay in that Floyd is likely to set in Argentina, wants to break the confidence of the storm counterpunches strong.

Casamayor to fight Mayweather Baldomir

Quote from the latest exclusive interviews with Daxx Kahn Saddo Boxing

SB: While we're talking about Floyd's ego, in your opinion, how do you think will do against Baldomir? Mayweather walks that was as easy as you think? Or is Floyd and surprised?

JC :..... "I think he will win, it will not knock him out, I'm sure it will go the distance Baldomir is tough and strong, it takes a really good beats Mayweather is not going to get out of there. He came to the end. "

SB: Do you think Floyd's speed is the most important factor in the battle? If Floyd was slower, do you think the result would have been different with him to win?

JC: "...... Yes, as I said, no, he does not knock Baldomir out with the size of the head of that guy Baldomir has been around for a long time has been an uphill battle, as I said, this guy is Mayweather is a tough long night ahead of him. "

Full interview here

Corrales is Baldomir fight Mayweather

SB: With Floyd at 147, do you think maybe you could answer a catch, maybe 140?

DC. "No, I would go to 147 for this fight if that's what I had to do do not care, I just want to fight Floyd, Castillo then .."

SB: Forecast Mayweather is coming to fight Carlos Baldomir? Do you think that after shifting the weight?

DC: "No, but I do not think it will be able to move something more in the end, size will come to him, and you can be up to date, I think it will win this battle, but He '.. t go higher. His mouth is writing checks the rest of it can not cash. "

Full interview here

Baldomir on the fight Mayweather

Signature of fighting the biggest fight of his career has other obligations today "Cinderella Man" World Boxing Council welterweight champion Carlos Baldomir and governor.

After a whirlwind press tour that brought his wife and four children in New York and Los Angeles, Baldomir, who is promoted by Sycuan Ringside Promotions, is ready to go to training.

The tour began at Tavern on the Green in New York September 5, with the initial press conference to announce Baldomir mega-fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Nov. 4 at the Mandalay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas and live on HBO Pay -Per-View. A day later, on September 6, was Baldomir and Arnie Morton's Steakhouse at the company in Beverly Hills, California, to announce the West Coast.

"I'm always happy to New York City, it brings good memories," said Baldomir, Zab Judah, who won January 7, 2006, at Madison Square Garden in New York, the 12-round decision to become the World Boxing Council and the right-welterweight champion. "Fight Judah put me on the map. 'Was good that we announced this next fight here where it all began, because this is a win, which means that everyone knows who I am."

A prohibitive underdog in Las Vegas, Baldomir is the task.

"I understand that this is the most important game in my life," said Baldomir. "But here's the thing: It will not be the most difficult Mayweather is skilled and very fast, but it will not and trade with me he wants to run My confidence is in this fight is that it is ... by weight and I'm here. It will not hurt me inside. "

Vice President Scott Woodworth Sycuan Ringside Promotions, joined Baldomir in New York and Los Angeles to reflect on the journey so far boxing "Cinderella Man."

"Chicago in 2005, when Carlos Miguel Rodriguez wins, Mayweather began to ask," Woodworth said. "When you know how far Carlos has come - from the sale of rags on the street in his hometown of Santa Fe, Argentina, recognized as the fight against the pound-for-pound champion with HBO Pay-Per-View - discovers that he is truly a 'Cinderella Man'. "

After the press conference in New York jumped camps to fight at a time and most people involved in the fight for a plane to Los Angeles to do it again.

"I worry for this fight to happen," said Baldomir. "We're all flying around announcing this and I can not wait to climb into the ring and start exchanging blows. Mayweather is pound for pound champion, but I'm on top of our weight class and will not change on November 4. Not only do I think I will win this battle, do not be surprised if he knocked out. No one hit as hard as I go. It is better to be prepared. "

The president of Sycuan Ringside Promotions, Glenn Quiroga, Baldomir has joined the team in Los Angeles and spoke of Atlantic City, New Jersey, where Baldomir scored ninth assault to stop Arturo Gatti July 22, 2006.

"Going into the fight Gatti, everyone says that the fight Judah was a fluke, that Zab overlooked our guys," said Quiroga. "Arturo Gatti Ask how much it was a fluke. And after this fight people said we won because Gatti was getting old. So now, what will the excuse after the Mayweather fight? The no-sayers can start brainstorming their excuses now, because our guy is ahead. "

After finishing the press conference in Los Angeles, Baldomir was able to relax and enjoy some time with his family from Argentina to be with the champion on the tour.

"This is what it's all about," said Baldomir. "Never in my wildest dreams thought I would be here in Los Angeles as a nice place, feeding my children steaks. But my life has certainly got a nice path. I am very grateful for everything we have. Every time I need motivation to keep me going, I just support my family. "

Baldomir is the favorite for "Fighter of the Year" for 2006. A victory over Mayweather may just seal the honor.
Mayweather vs Baldomir Robbie Peden boxing card

By James Slater

When last seen in a boxing ring, Australian super featherweight Robbie Peden was given a boxing lesson by his former employer. Challenge for the man who once served as chief sparring in a world title fight he challenged the two men, Robbie was also noted by the great Mexican Marco Antonio Barrera. As such, it has not only failed to raise WBC 130 lbs Marco, also lost his IBF world honors.

That was in September last year at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Peden is now ready to give the go. Returning to Las Vegas more this time Mandalay Bay, 32, meets the youngest Wes "Wicked" Ferguson on November 4, in a match held to the light.

Boxing at the huge Mayweather-Baldimor Bill, Robbie, who won his world featherweight title by defeating the super safer Nate Campbell in February 2005, aims to get his career back on track with an impressive victory. Opposing him will be the Ferguson twenty years, a native of Flint, Michigan, USA. Trained by Roger Mayweather fact, Wes will not be smooth. In fact, only lost one of his sixteen fights. So what is the likely outcome?

Peden turns 33 a few days after the battle takes place, while Ferguson will be just 21 years later this month. Youth may be served and then. But even 33 is certainly an advanced age for the super featherweight, Peden has not bothered so much through it, ten years of boxing career.

The only game where Robbie has been subject to harsh treatment was his only defeat coming schedule within the hands of the very brilliant Juan Manuel Marquez in 2002. So assuming he does not go back further than expected (Robbie took a fair go in the last few minutes with Barrera) Peden should be able to get the win. However, the young man who seeks to prevent sure.

With a world championship is its own purpose, time stopped Ferguson will appreciate the opportunity to shine as a mass spectacle. It's not a big puncher (only three men stopped him winning 14:00), Wes is a smarter fighter, as you might expect, trained fighter Mayweather. But then, Peden is no banger either, although it has certainly hit harder than Ferguson, as blocking the eighth round has done more than Nate Campbell, the night has become a world champion to test.

Really, the match-up is beautiful, like all other sub-map of the attack, which will take place during the Main Event What baptized with undefeated welterweight sensation Paul Williams performed, and a second global fight song "Enough risky. " - Between the newly crowned king pen FBI, Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero and Orlando Salida also expected that the card is a good thing. And if Peden Vs Ferguson is likely to be a competition that takes place before a half-filled arena, the fight was a good thing.

Americans in sight, which is a juvenile phase earn more ambitious Australian, a man who wants to show that he has the ambition to go. Ten-round lightweight match should tell us much more about what men have to offer to their high level sport.

Carlos Baldomir Conference

Carlos Baldomir held a conference call on October 24 and the media will be asked various questions about his future to fight Floyd Mayweather. Weeks before, his coach Amilcar Brusa also responded to questions. So, here is the transcript of the calls. Any questions, Carlos Baldomir, this was not Gabe Ruelas, Goossen Tutor Promotions in.

Operator: Hello, my name is Mary and I will be your conference operator today. At the time, I would like to welcome all of Univision Baldomir / Mayweather conference call. All lines have been placed on mute to prevent background noise. Thank you. Now it is my pleasure to turn the floor over to your host Kelly Swanson. Lady, you can start the conference.

Kelly Swanson: Thank you, Mary, and welcome to all. For those of you who joined us last week and re-join us appreciate it. We have a champion on the phone and before the champion at that time, I like Dan Goossen, president of Goossen Tutor Promotions. Dan.

Dan Goosen, PRESIDENT, Goossen Tutor Promotions: Well thank you and you know that Kelly Kelly just say thanks to everyone who was in it last week. For those who are new that were not in it let me go to what he said last week, teasing you. Hello first of all we have on the phone Quirioga Glen, the president of Sycuan Ringside Promotions, Scott Woodworth and vice president of Sycuan Ringside Promotions, which are the promoters of Carlos Baldomir, who did a fantastic job to get into the position of this megafight very risky. I do not want to follow those who want to go, but if anyone has any questions for these gentlemen also know do not hesitate to ask, but I just want to open it.

Gabe Ruelas here also plays Carlos. And before you go further and take on Charles I ask myself a question. Back to our opening press conference in Beverly Hills for a risky about a month and a half ago, two months ago, Carlos said he would knock out Floyd Mayweather in four rounds. My question now is if you feel that Gabe is still able to call Floyd Mayweather in four rounds at the Mandalay Bay on November 4.

Gabe RUELAS: (Spanish).

CARLOS Baldomir: (Spanish).

RUELAS Gabe: OK, says he has never given up an equal number, but said he was going to throw him out, but he still feels the same way.

GOOSE DAN: OK great. I know Carlos to say a few words and then move to the media. Gabe, why do not you ask Carlos to open it and say a few words and go from there?

Gabe Ruelas: (Spanish spoken).

CARLOS Baldomir: First of all I would like to apologize for last week. It 'was a totally wrong impression that I had in my head. At first they told me once, then they gave me a different time, and I - before I knew that I was packing and getting together with some baggage. And that is why I could not miss, but of course I'm here to apologize, and now I am here to answer any questions you have for me.


Dan Rafael of ESPN. Please go ahead.

Dan Rafael, ESPN: Hey guys how are you today? Well, Gabe are you there?

Gabe Ruelas: Yes.

Dan Rafael: Hey you can ask Carlos to see Floyd Mayweather as many of us the number one defender in the world pound for pound. And if I could ask why you did it?

Carlos Baldomir: Basically, I think it's the best fighter there, but - as far as talent, but I think when we meet, I think I'll go out with the win.

Dan Rafael: Why he said that if he thinks he is the best in the world? And if he beats Floyd Mayweather, who believes is number one in the world, what to say about Carlos Baldomir?

Carlos Baldomir: (speaking Spanish).

RUELAS Gabe: First of all, because they are the last two trips I've had cats, and also because I am a true champion. I believe in myself, what I did with him and Judah.

Dan Rafael: OK one last question to him, Gabe, if you do not mind. You know, I think the similarity in the shape of the speed of a particular can be a bit of a struggle as the way it went with the fight of Judah. Does he think this will be the same kind of fight that Judah was, where it must impose on his opponent physically how he was able to do against Zab?

Carlos Baldomir: (speaking Spanish). Basically, it's me, my desire to be able to push through the fight together. And they are submitted through the hole to struggle together, without giving a chance. But I'm going to turn up all the time.

Dan Rafael: So I think it's akin to fighting Judah, then?

Carlos Baldomir: OK, he said basically yes, it's like the same things, but I think this game will probably be even easier because the other guy was a lefty. This guy is a right-handed so it will be easier for me.

OPERATOR: Yes, our next question is, oh well. OK our next question comes from David Avila of Riverside Press. Please go ahead.

DAVID AVILA, Riverside PRESS: Hi everyone, the first question for Carlos. How did he feel the battles, I mean working in gyms in California over the years? Has he ever worried that he can not get a chance at world title?

Carlos Baldomir: Basically, I had a really hard time. The hardest part was waiting of course for the occasion. I think after I fight everyone and beat everyone. But I knew it was a matter of time. The hardest part was waiting. But I knew he would come here, would it come, I take what I did.

Chuck Johnson, USA TODAY: Yes, I would like to ask Carlos. He said banks Floyd. Does he think it is important that knock Floyd out? And if not, how can he win a decision to Floyd Floyd capacity of boxing?

Carlos Baldomir: Basically because I am strong. I have not been able to defeat Judah because he kept hold of all the time. But this guy is fast, but I'll be able to knock him out.

Chuck Johnson: Can, which he thinks he can win a decision from him?

Carlos Baldomir: Yes, absolutely. I am convinced that if things go full circle I can win a decision. And I know in my head if I won or lost the battle, but I believe in myself and I know I won the battle, it will be enough for me. I do not necessarily need people to see that I won the fight, as I feel I won the fight, though I did not knock him out.

CHUCK JOHNSON: So in particular I want to say that I'm just wondering, in terms of boxing ability that Floyd is hanging his hat. He is not necessarily large, so great boxer. So think of being a boxing skills with the ability to do boxing Floyd?

Baldomir CARLOS: Yes, its speed, its speed does not worry me some, 'because the first was 130, 135 and 147, that his speed will not be the same weight. Apparently, he discovers during a battle, that does not come so quickly. Thus, its speed does not bother me one bit at all.

Chuck Johnson: Okay, thank you Carlos.

Operator: Your next question comes from Robert Morales, Los Angeles Daily News, go ahead.

ROBERT MORALES, Los Angeles Daily News: Hello everyone. Gabe asked Carlos if he could tell us a little about his life growing up in Santa Fe, Argentina?

Carlos Baldomir: Well, actually I have said several times. You obviously know it's my training where I am. I come from a very humble family. My experience I mean he had to fight hard and train hard to get where I am.

Robert Morales: OK and returned to Argentina since winning the championship? And you know there's a hero?

Baldomir CARLOS: Well, yes, in principle, the last two trips we know with Mayweather and Judah. Gatti and Judah, I mean, I came home, and I'm really happy with me as a true hero and legend. And do you know if I do not think about losing, but if I were to give a great fight and still lose, I've done my legacy in Boston, but still treat me like a hero when I go home.

ROBERT MORALES: Could you ask for Gabe in his first 37 fights he had five strikeouts, but in his last 21 bouts, he was eight. What is the difference between the two fundamentally different races?

CARLOS Baldomir: 1999-2006 Basically because I trained a lot harder. I spent a lot and I've taken more seriously. All this has been.

OPERATOR: The next question is from Franklin McNeil Newark Star Ledger. Please go ahead.

Franklin McNeil, Newark Star ECONOMY: Hi Carlos, let me first apologize I got the call a little late, so if my question is redundant I apologize right away. But basically, I want to ask Floyd Mayweather beat 36 times and 36 times he came away victorious. I want to know what he can bring different for this fight some of the other guys who fought Floyd?

CARLOS Baldomir: In principle, no different from what you said. In addition, all 33, 36 fighters the only thing different that I'm going to make this a heart more and more balls.

Franklin McNeil: OK thank you.

Operator: Your next question comes from Andres Rodriguez on ESPN. Please go ahead.

Andres Rodriguez, ESPN: (Spanish).

Carlos Baldomir: (speaking Spanish).

Gabe Ruelas: OK, I'll say it in English. Carlos makes you think Mayweather will win this fight so fast? And his answer is not much difference here, as I said before the weight change will not be as fast as people think it will. Discover during the fight and that's what comes to me to apply pressure throughout the fight and I will win the fight.

Operator: Your next question comes from Robert Morales, Los Angeles Daily News. Please go ahead.

ROBERT MORALES: Well people sorry I had some family-type questions for Carlos. Is he married? And how many children he and his wife if he is married?

Baldomir CARLOS: Yes, I have four children.

ROBERT MORALES: It's okay. They live here with him in Los Angeles? And what part of Los Angeles as I understand, he lives in Los Angeles?

Carlos Baldomir: OK, they were here. We live in Los Angeles and they are in Los Angeles right now. They'll probably come here on a rainy day (pH), but they live in Los Angeles, some in Las Vegas right now.

ROBERT MORALES: OK, quickly, how long have they been in Los Angeles? And what is the biggest difference living here in Argentina?

CARLOS Baldomir: The difference now is that it can be with me. When I'm training, I see here. We live in the same way, but having said all that my country, I would never change anything.

OPERATOR: The next question comes from Eddie Goldman of Seconds Out Radio. Please go ahead.

EDDIE GOLDMAN: very, very big. Now last week in a conference call of its large veteran coaches Amilcar Brusa said he learned something through the formation Famous Carlos Hernandez scored the first knockdown when Mayweather fought back in 2001. Should we fight against something that is going to try to fit in their struggle, now that they are fighting for the welterweight Mayweather?

Carlos Baldomir: not OK. Basically I just want to do what I do. You guys forget that he is faced with a heavier weight now. It will not be as fast as people think. Yes, it will not be so quick. That's my plan. I just entered the game.

EDDIE GOLDMAN: Is there something you see in the game that Mayweather will take you to believe that you can actually knock him out because he is, of course, still undefeated?

Carlos Baldomir: I think it's very simple, I'll go into battle. Jeter shot throughout the fight, and I know when I hurt. If I hurt him he will eventually go down.

EDDIE GOLDMAN: OK so no prediction on tour then, but is predicting a knockout?

Baldomir CARLOS: Well, again, as I said before I am not, I can not say, round, but I tell you this. When I do, in the course of 12 races, if you must go in 12 minutes that I did wrong, he goes down and going throughout the fight. I can not say what the round.

Operator: The next question comes from Ludo Saenz de Please go ahead.

Ludo Saenz, NOTIFIGHT.COM: (Spanish spoken).

Carlos Baldomir: (speaking Spanish).

LUDO SAENZ: (speaking Spanish).

Carlos Baldomir: (speaking Spanish).

Ludo Saenz: Gracias, Carlos.

Gabe Ruelas Carlos What is different this time against Mayweather, as they say it will not be as fast as before, when he fought at 135/140 pounds. What is the difference? He said that basically, as I answered the questions before the two boys, not about speed, not be as fast as it was in the light. And that day, we'll see. I'm just, when he throws his right hand, will not be the right hand quickly as he did in a lighter weight. He will find throughout the fight, fans.

OPERATOR: The next question is from Dan Rafael of ESPN. Please go ahead.

Dan Rafael: Thanks Gabe. Could you ask him, he knows that Floyd is not able to train with his uncle Roger Mayweather, who you know in prison for a few months? And he does think there will be no advantage because Roger would not be able to train on the night of the fight given the suspension in April. But now it is not even available to work with Floyd during his training camp. And what would it be for him to be able to suddenly not her regular training crew with him? How would it affect it?

Carlos Baldomir: Basically, there will be a big apology and an excuse for Mayweather when he loses.

Dan Raphael: You ask, you know, it just came out of nowhere for most people to win the title and then win the Arturo Gatti. It is now becoming a bit 'of fame, and you know the people who gave him over the past might give a voice to him, you know that a little chance here to win this fight against Floyd, even though he is a loser. She is enjoying the spotlight more than a fighter to be more or less anonymous that was for so many years?

Carlos Baldomir: Well, there's a big difference and it is good that now people come to me all the time, especially after beating just like the last two opponents, Gatti and Zab. I think it's fantastic when they come to me all the time. And I know that this is already a legacy that I built and I'm just trying to make it bigger. It is fantastic and I have a great time when people come to me to congratulate me.

Dan Rafael: Can you ask him if he had any boxing idol growing up? Was it always was a fan of this sport as a child, or if you know a young adult?

CARLOS Baldomir: Basically, yes, Carlos Monzon was mine, was not really my idol, but he is someone I looked and I said that I am, that made me want to become a fighter, I said that I'm going to be a fighter.

Dan Rafael: And you can even ask him briefly, as in fact he really starts to organize the boxing? It is not him, he was one of those children who fought in the streets as a child and know that you found a gym or a field of science that was the reason behind her begins to box?

Carlos Baldomir: I was not a disturbing element in the street at all. Only, it made me want to become a fighter is that my parents became friends in combat and was Monzón, all assembled, about 50 or 60 in a house 50 people, and saw the fight. And that kind of made me want to become a fighter, watching the fight of Monzon.

Our next question comes from Chuck Johnson of USA Today. Please go ahead.

CHUCK JOHNSON: Yes, Carlos Monzon Carlos said that is not necessarily an idol. Did you have role models growing, and if so who were they? And what you're doing if you were not fighting? What are you doing?

Baldomir CARLOS: It was just my idol, because then I started watching the fight. But I just said as a child once, I thought, what I'm going to do 20 years from now, and is one of those things, because I was watching Monzon fight, I said I want to do. I want to be like this guy.

CHUCK JOHNSON: Well, that had the greatest impact on his boxing career, Gabe?

Carlos Baldomir: Nobody has influenced me. It was me, me.

CHUCK JOHNSON: yourself?

Gabe Ruelas: Yes, him.

Operator: You have a follow-up question from Dan Rafael of ESPN. Please go ahead.

Dan Raphael: Hey, Gabe. Could you ask him, you know who had asked him previously did not know how he got started in boxing. You said you were going with friends, 50, 60 people watching Monzon fight. He was leading only to go to the gym one day by chance, and say, you know, let me gloves, and what can I do? Is that what happened?

Carlos Baldomir: The thing about this is you, when I sat and watched, Monzon fights I was about five years. When I was 13 I saw him, and I knew in my mind at that age I just wanted to be a fighter, and I went to a gym.

Dan Raphael: So he actually started boxing at age 13, when he saw Monzon fight?

Carlos Baldomir: I started at age 13, but at 16 I had my first fight.

Dan Raphael: the first professional fight Gabe?

Gabe Ruelas: No fans, I'm sure. (Spanish spoken)

CARLOS Baldomir: (Spanish).

RUELAS Gabe: Yes.

Dan Rafael: OK, so how is it that goes into training, it's just a coincidence that ends the training of trainers, who had been trained Monzon?

Carlos Baldomir: (Inaudible) At this point, when I am where I am now. Through him I met my new trainer.

Dan Rafael: Well done, then Monzón coach trains have not now, then?

RUELAS Gabe: None.

Operator: The next question comes from Chuck Johnson, USA Today. Please go ahead.

Chuck Johnson: Gabe can ask Carlos what you like boxing? I mean, obviously, is a life for him. But what really matters, what really gives the game back?

CARLOS Baldomir: Basically, I mean, above all, I love sports, especially because the last two trips were great, but I have seen the change and the change was apparently fame and more money. And I saw that it was not just a sport, it was business. I like the business side.

Carlos Baldomir: (Spanish spoken). Because of all the struggles that I had I did not have money. And struggles of recent years did some very good money compared to before, so now I know that in the future there is more money.

Chuck Johnson: So it will surprise even the night he beat Zab Judah?

CARLOS Baldomir, not two months before the fight I knew it was a world champion.

Chuck Johnson: What, what makes him feel this way? I mean, why should he know?

Carlos Baldomir: The reason is that Judah spoke when he fought Mayweather me all conferences. In battle, he kept thinking about Mayweather and not me. And I knew because of this, it is my (inaudible) was hunting in the fall.

Chuck Johnson: While it does not bother Carlos knows everything you know, I think because (inaudible) was not paid or not, actually fought Zab Judah, which was supposed to be a title fight against Mayweather, after he had lost for him. Does it bother him that the undisputed welterweight championship tag does not immediately go to him?

Carlos Baldomir: I never really cared for the other title, because in my mind has always been the WBC and they are still classified me throughout my career. When I was ranked WBC has always been there for me. That's why I wanted to win this title.

Chuck Johnson: So, it is important that what he wants to be recognized as the undisputed welterweight champion?

Carlos Baldomir: All right, but as long as I beat Mayweather titles are a bit on the side because people know I'm going to win. And when they see you win the fight, I think that's all they have to do, regardless of titles.

Operator: Your next question comes from Ed Deveikis Please go ahead.

ED DEVEIKIS, 13THROUND.COM: Hey Carlos my question is, in this personal struggle with all the trash talking Floyd Mayweather did before the fight?

Carlos Baldomir: No. I respect Mayweather ahead of me. When he is in front of me that has respect for me, fine. And he did not in the newspapers, but in front of my personality in me, it was a very pleasant person.

DEVEIKIS ED: Good for the training is now Carlos has predicted a knockout. He was doing nothing to increase his power?

Carlos Baldomir: Prepare, prepare myself for battle, this has been the same. The only difference is that I have some very good sparring with fighters quickly, but in general is the same.

Operator: Your next question comes from Juan Britof, go ahead.

Britof JUAN, NOTIFIGHT.COM: Carlos (Spanish speaking).

Carlos Baldomir: (Spanish spoken).

Gabe RUELAS: this team needs money for men, next to Carlos Monzon if you win the Mayweather. And Carlos says he does not think so, because Monzon was a great fighter, but on the whole, his family knows that he won the Mayweather is great for everyone.

JUAN Britof: (speaking Spanish).

Carlos Baldomir: (speaking Spanish).

GABE Carlos Ruelas some new letters, magazines, talk to you have a problem with weight. Was this true? He never said he was always in the weight. Never had any problems at all whatsoever. It's just that sometimes the papers, for the titles so - or say stupid things.

QUESTIONS WITH TRAINER CONFERENCE CALL Baldomir BRUSA AMILICAR Baldomir originally scheduled October 17

EDDIE GOLDMAN, SECONDSOUT RADIO: I have a question for Mr. Bush. During the fight he had with Carlos Zab Judah, the first two or three rounds of Judah seemed to be out of boxing. And, at Madison Square Garden, who came to talk to Carlos, and from that time, Charles took over the fight. And as we all know, ended up winning the battle and upset Zab Judah. Can you tell us a little about what he said at the time and how this fight went?

IRMA MORENO: Well, he just said, you know, gave him tips on how to end the fight. That is, only the fight, as well as I could.

DAN GOOSE: What did he mean?

EDDIE GOLDMAN: All right, I want to know what he would say to Carlos specifically to defeat Mayweather, because we know Mayweather, of course, is undefeated. Most people above him in the pound for pound list, and that Dan mentioned earlier, Mayweather is always a favorite. So how can he see Carlos able to defeat Mayweather?

IRMA MORENO: (Spanish spoken)

Amilcar BRUSA: (Spanish spoken)

IRMA MORENO: Okay, he just said that with all the sparring and training in the gym, you know they will use it against Mayweather. And besides, he had the intuition, as it has also trained Carlos Hernandez, as he fought Mayweather. So are they just going to spend it all and move on to win the game.

IRMA MORENO: Okay, he just said that has all the confidence in Mayweather beat Baldomir.

Operator: Thank you. Our next question comes from Franklin McNeil, Newark Star Ledger.

Franklin McNeil: Okay. Amilcar do not want to ask how to see Mayweather, Carlos sees or how to do something other than Hernandez did against Mayweather. I mean the styles are slightly different. How do you get to fight Carlos, or believes that Carlos can not fight in a way that Hernandez has done?

IRMA MORENO: (Spanish spoken)

Amilcar BRUSA: (Spanish spoken)

IRMA MORENO: He sees the rivalry against Baldomir and Mayweather, you know, it'll be difficult, but will go there to fight, and he will win.

Franklin McNeil: And it feels ... I mean, of course, Mayweather, the fight against Carlos Hernandez had more than five years ago, and I think there were some differences in Floyd at that time. He sees something unusual that can take advantage of Floyd?

IRMA MORENO: (Spanish)

Amilcar Brusa: (Spanish spoken)

IRMA MORENO: It just says that Carlos Baldomir, he is a very tough fighter, a very smart fighter, and we'll see when we get into the ring so that everything goes in.

Operator: Your next question comes from Clifton Brown New York Times.

Clifton Brown, The New York Times: Yes, I wanted to ask that will help you feel Baldomir most of his strategy, or simply their morale during the battle. ° in a corner when one of the struggles Carlos', usually he feels will help him best strategy for dealing with changes during a fight or she usually ... It 'usually only an issue that really help you stay confident and focused, you know, the guy play?

IRMA MORENO: Okay, so. (Spanish Language)

Amilcar BRUSA: (Spanish spoken)

IRMA MORENO: Okay, it only says that you know what? He is working on two, both moral and strategic, and during the match, you know, see what works best for him and that's what they are working.

Clifton Brown: All right. I have another question. Ask him how many bands, if any, does he ... It will look at Carlos Mayweather to prepare for this fight? How many band can see or is he a coach who just does not really count too much on video and just work more with his own boxer?

IRMA MORENO: (Spanish)

Amilcar BRUSA: (Spanish)

IRMA MORENO: Okay. He said they look at the bands Mayweather just so they know how to prepare for the games in the gym. Thus, they can watch but not much.

Operator: Your next question comes from Jerry Magee of the San Diego Union Tribune.

JERRY MAGEE: Dan, I wonder why you call it "too risky". Is safe or not. To call "very risky" seems to be a reflection on Baldomir.

Dan Goossen: Well, actually, originally wanted to call Jerry Vale, but was rejected by some people on the basis of the word after "damn risky."? "Bitch." heard the interview with 60 Minutes, the other day with these players ... Duke and hear what they say came out in the air ... Kim, one of the strippers. ... .. I suppose that I could say on the airwaves of national television, I thought I should come out with "damn risky." Because that's really what I thought it was a damn fight risk. Of course, the term "monkey" nickname based on Floyd and "risk" Baldomir was based on a risk. Here is a link between them does not seem as risky as you mentioned, but in reality is a bloody struggle for risk for the reasons I mentioned Floyd. And that only related to the name of Floyd "Pretty" and Baldomir tab and "risky." It makes no sense to you?

JERRY MAGEE: Yes, of course. Thank you.

Dan Goossen: Good.

JERRY MAGEE: Well, I could see Baldomir when he appeared recently at Camp Pendleton in Sycuan was his tribute to the heroes, and I left school, which was ... He was fully dressed, but I thought it was considerably more than 147 pounds. What kind of report that can give us about where you are with your weight?

DAN GOOSE: Well, we had 30 days weighed, and when he was 1 pound less than they allow. I think it's about 11 pounds, 12 pounds, what, about 12 pounds over the limit 47. So he was, what, a week ago I think we sent this press release about it. So you know it's in the context of where it should be right now.

Dan Goossen: it weighed 158, I think it was.

MAGEE JERRY: Is not that a bit to lose 11 pounds in three weeks?

Dan Goossen: Well, again John is in the ... You know, for a fighter, no. For us, yes. But you know, from the direction of the WBC, weighed less than one of its rules and regulations stipulate. So yesterday, when I spoke with Mr. Brusa and Javier Zapata, who were on their way to the weight limit of 47 pounds.

Jerry Magee: Thank you, Dan.

Operator: The next question comes from William Trillo of

William Trillo, BOXING2006.COM: Thank you, all of you how? Yes, I have some questions to Mr. Bush. I wanted to know what you think Floyd weight. He climbs. Do you think it will be a barrier for him against his hand speed and his athletic ability, and do you think there will be maybe a step slower than he was 40 and 35?

IRMA MORENO: (Spanish spoken)

Amilcar Brusa: (Spanish spoken)

IRMA MORENO: Well, I think, you know, it'll be hard for Mayweather because he has not fought in the welterweight division, and feels Carlos, you know, control over him, because he fought here at least 14 fights .

William Trillo: Okay. Mr. Goossen?


William Trillo: Your promotion in Los Angeles, you will have the word "risk", and while it has the word "risk" in this promotion, the last at no cost, this is a risky time. Some of the risk premiums, and part of what you have, is that there will be a close decision and the decision to go so you can see its time to fight. Are you ready for this, how about going to the judges and the entire risk factor?

Dan Goossen: Well, I mean, you know, this is certainly ... Each battle is a sensible business could rightly be called "No Risk No Reward." You need to go out there and fight the best, you have to challenge yourself, if you want to be the best. You know, because it concerns the decision, I mean, you know, these things are purely hands Fighters', okay? As we saw James Toney-Sam Peter fight, I did not get to participate in the judges. Do not want to interfere with the judges. Fighters, and I trust the judges and the Commission, all the, you know, go out there and do their best. The only problem I had, and I had, you know, a good bit back and forth of some of the authors 'pro' and cons is the fact that there was such an overwhelming disapproval of the members of the media I was trying to ...

You know, after the battle of Peter-Toney, I tried to negotiate here and now with Dino Duva and Sam Peter, because I thought it was better for boxing just to not go to an organization and ask that based on a controversial decision, I think there was this fight that I'd do man to man and what is best for the business of boxing.

You know, I will not have this situation in this case on November 4. Baldomir has vowed to knock out Floyd Mayweather in the fourth inning. God knows that many of his fans believe that your team believes. I do not know if his coach, Mr. Bush, in his opinion, but Floyd had the impression that this is something that Baldomir think you will do to Floyd. I know that Floyd is not going to say and something different from what is going to win, but knowing the style that Floyd has the ability, I think it will be one of those fights where s' Baldomir stops. So hopefully uncontroversial. Do not believe us. We are in very good condition and just look for a big fight, and whether Baldomir shows that a call to the last minutes, we will ask your opinion on what he said about the cancellation of Floyd Mayweather.

Operator: Your next question comes from Jason Gonzales

JASON GONZALES: (Spanish spoken)

Amilcar BRUSA: (Spanish spoken)

IRMA MORENO: The question was, you know, how does the fighters with 10 ounce gloves and the coach, Mr. Bush said he saw nothing wrong with any of them to use. There was a problem.

JASON GONZALEZ: (Spanish spoken)

Amilcar BRUSA: (Spanish spoken)

IRMA MORENO: Well, the question would be a smarter fighter than Zab Mayweather or Gatti, how one struggles against it, and simply said, you know, Baldomir only be able to go there and train hard and fight it.

Operator: Your next question is Alex Figueroa, the Journal first hour.

Alex Figueroa, the first hour of the newspaper (Spanish)

Amilcar Brusa: (Spanish spoken)

IRMA MORENO: Okay, the question was, you know, they know that he is focused on the fight Mayweather at this time, but is expected to fight Miguel Coto? And the answer was, you know, hopefully. That is, you know, all because of his fight anyone they put in front of him.

Figueroa ALEX: Thank you.

Dan Goossen: I wonder what Floyd would say about it.

Kelly Swanson: We'll know next week.

OPERATOR: The next question is from David Dexter Guyana Express.

DAVID DEXTER: I would like to ask the coach what would be his ... Do you have a game plan (inaudible) that come into it? I mean, you know, it's going to be aggressive against Floyd or, you know, more aggressive, you know (inaudible)?

IRMA MORENO: Senor Bush? (Spanish Language)

Amilcar Brusa: (Spanish spoken)

IRMA MORENO: Okay, he says, that does not really go to any game plan, and wait until after the first round, because then they can know each other a sincere, and then when they go to the strategy of the state.

Carlos Baldomir - Floyd Mayweather Jr weigh in

Carlos Baldomir and Floyd Mayweather Jr., appeared in good condition Friday weigh-in at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Baldomir WBC welterweight champion came directly from the top welterweight limit 147 kg, IBF welterweight champion while Mayweather came to £ 146.

Both fighters showed their unwavering confidence in their vocal fans in a highly anticipated match of contrasting styles. This will be the speed and skills of perhaps the world's best boxer Mayweather against the iron chin and relentless Baldomir. Wrestling fans everywhere will be able to see the fight on HBO PPV broadcast will begin at 6:00, PST.

Goossen Tutor promoted event will also feature a bout scheduled for 12 rounds IBF featherweight champion Robert Gurerrero between Gilroy, CA against rival steep Salido of Mexico in Orlando.

Also on display is the undefeated welterweight Paul Williams monstrously high against Mexico partner Mauro Lucero.

The fight to open the televised portion of the show will include a pair of undefeated heavyweights in Southern California by Chris Arreola and Damian Wills. With a combined 30 knockouts in 39 fights, the big players that can add an explosive start to an evening of boxing at the Mandalay Bay.

Carlos Baldomir - Floyd Mayweather

Click for larger image © Mark DeSisto / Saddo Boxing

Paul Williams - Damian Wills

Mayweather vs. Baldomir "Pretty risky '

World Welterweight Championship

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

Live on HBO Pay-Per-View

(12 WBC welterweight championship bout Rd)

Floyd Mayweather VS. Carlos Baldomir

Grand Rapids, MI City of Santa Fe, Argentina

Weight 146 147

Trunks White Blue Pink White

(36-0, 24 KOs) record (06/09/43, 13 KOs)

Pound for Pound Champion WBC welterweight champion

Judge: Jay NADY (Las Vegas) Referee: John Keane (England), Chuck Giampa (Las Vegas), Paul Smith (Las Vegas) WBC Supervisor: Raul Ortega

(12 pen Rd IBF Championship Bout)

Robert Guerrero VS. Orlando Salido

Gilroy, California City Obregon, MX

Weight 126 126

Trunks Black with white Red with yellow

(01/01/19, 12 KOs), Record (02/09/27, 18 KOs)

IBF # 1 ranked IBF Contender

Referee: Robert Byrd (Las Vegas) Judge: Richard Green (Florida), Dave Moretti (Las Vegas), Patricia Morse Jarman (Las Vegas)

IBF Supervisor: Scott Mahasin

(8 welterweight bout Rd)


Aiken, South Carolina city of Napier, New Zealand

Weight 147 147

Trunks White with Red Black with Yellow

(31-0, 23 KOs) record (03/01/27, 10 KOs)


Referee: Joe Cortez (Las Vegas) Judge: Carol Castellano (Las Vegas), Bill Graham (Las Vegas), CJ Ross (Las Vegas)

(8 Rd Heavyweight Bout)

Chris Arreola vs. DAMIAN WILLS

Riverside, CA City of Hollywood, CA

Weight 250 229

Black Multi Black Trunks

(17-0, 15 KOs) record (21-0-1, 15 KOs)

Referee: Kenny Bayless (Las Vegas) Judge: Carol Castilian (Las Vegas), CJ Ross (Las Vegas), Dick Houck (Las Vegas)

(4 Rd Welterweight Bout)


Grand Rapids, MI City Las Vegas, NV

Weight 146 147

Trunks White Black Blue

(0-0, 0 KOS) Record (0-3, 0 KOs)

Referee: Kenny Bayless (Las Vegas) Judge: Carol Castellano (Las Vegas), Bill Graham (Las Vegas), Dick Houck (Las Vegas)

Floyd Mayweather Vs Carlos Baldomir Boxing Undercard

correct at time of publish
Robert Guerrero vs Orlando Salido
Paul Williams vs Jacy Kuhn
Robbie Peden vs Wes Ferguson
Damian Wills vs Chris Arreola

Floyd Mayweather Vs Carlos Baldomir Fight Report

By Mark DeSisto

There were no surprises during the match welterweight championship on Saturday at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. IBF Welterweight Champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. has no chance and cruising to a unanimous decision over WBC welterweight champion Carlos Baldomir. Two judges Floyd pitching a round of 12 to exclude the 120-108, while one judge gave Baldomir four ten rounds, scoring the match 118-110.

The battle was really a display of the speed of Mayweather and world class defensive skills. It was just too fast for the Argentinian who maintained strong pressure throughout the match, but rarely caught the elusive Mayweather. When Baldomir do trap Mayweather on the ropes, he had trouble every time landing in force before Mayweather slipped away and took the fight back to the middle of the ring.

Compubox punch statistics tell the story of the fight Baldomir landed just 79 shots thrown for 670 12% connect percentage points.

The most effective defense of Mayweather was at the beginning of the struggle, as Baldomir returned to his corner at the end of a round of cuts on the bridge of the nose and out his left eye. Small cuts were not a factor in the struggle. Mayweather continued to amaze the many fans of CounterPunch strong front row during the first half of the fight, however, production appears to significantly reduce punch during the second half of the fight, presumably the result of a hand injury sustained at the beginning of the meeting.

Fight fans were left watching a frustrated Baldomir chase Mayweather around the ring. Fans who expected to pay to see a boxing match and not to respond to a track, pretty disappointed raining, booed at the twelfth inning.

Mayweather is undefeated with the victory, bringing his record to 37-0 (24ko), while Baldomir drops to 43-10-6 (13KO a).

There were some good efforts in sub-card attack, also featured on HBO PPV broadcast.

A minor upset, Mexico Orlando Salido IBF Featherweight title stick with a hard fought 12 round unanimous decision on champion Robert Guerrero. Guerrero has become a strong and provide for its physical size and inside game to take the first turn. Salido experts quickly made adjustments and was able to create some distance and land enough blows to wash in the second round in the eyes of two of the three judges. Salido had even more success in Round 3 and landed several flush shots coming southpaw Guerrero. Salido was so effective against the aggressive champion, that Guerrero completely changed his gameplan from further aggression and a power struggle to stay behind and counterpunching round 4 Salido usually carved Guerrero, the rest of the game and was effective with two attack-Amir punching a teacher punishing the body and head.

When you win, until a champion is crowned and improves Salido 09/02/28 (19KO), while Guerrero drops 02/01/19 (12KO is).

Mayweather Baldomir Boxing News

News of Floyd, Carlos from around the internet brought to you by the saddoboxing news wire..


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