Thursday, September 15, 2011

‘Free Agents’ Series Premiere Review & Discussion

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Free Agents
From the creator of "Party Down" is one of the "free agents" NBC new fall comedies. Hank Azaria is able to keep its charm when it comes to comedy animation? Find out as we review and discuss the first series.
Free Agents
Based on the British comedy of the same name free agents is one of three new comedies that NBC is bringing in the fall 2011 TV line-up. Although not as strong as its time-slot partner of Up All Night, free agents are still far ahead of the upcoming series by Whitney Cummings, Whitney.

Created by the brilliant mind behind the Starz Party "cult Down, John Enbom, and the man behind the short version of the British agents, Chris Niel, Free was wonderful platform for the hilarious Hank Azaria to shine as the newly divorced ( and completely helpless) Alex, in an attempt to "get back on the horse," falls into a sexual relationship with his colleague Helen repetitive (Kathryn Hahn), which has not yet come to terms with the death of her boyfriend.

Unfortunately, the overall lack of chemistry between the characters and Azariah Hahn makes it impossible to believe that the interest of Alex, Helen is not just sexual. Moreover, while Azaria is able to pull out of the spirit dry, which is an important part of his character, the entire corner "missing children" seems quite forced and therefore not realistic as well.
Free Agents
Although these two issues may seem insignificant in their own right, the fact that the series is built on these two elements misunderstood mean that the overall success of free agents depends on whether they are able to perform competent in these arcs history. In its current form, they do not. Fortunately, there is enough evidence to show that, as the series progresses, these questions (hopefully) be resolved.

Apart from the basic relationship between Alex and Helena, free agents provides a surprisingly rich environment in the fictional public relations company Bayton Hale & Associates, which is full of countless odd characters who not only help boost the aspirations of cartoon series, but also serve as a perfect starting point for jokes, of course, delivery and references Azaria (Death of a Salesman, anyone?).

At the head of the motley crew of Bayton Hale & Associates is Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Anthony Head, who is reprising his role brighter the British original Helen Alex and sex-obsessed boss, Stephen.

To complete the rest of HB and Mo Mandel Team as "Ladies Man" Dan, Natasha Leggero like a bitch executive assistant, Al Madrigal as the happily married man's unconscious, Joe Lo Truglio and sword waving meat cutting, security. For all practical purposes, the head and the rest of the support team of free agents are not only perfectly cast, but run exceptionally well.
Free Agents
While free agents could be said to function as a live comedy without romantic intrigue or drama father in trouble, you have to give credit and want to send first Niel Enbom more fully the vision of the series, although some parties do not are so successfully implemented.


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