Friday, September 23, 2011

gop debate time tonight

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Orlando - The former House speaker Newt Gingrich was asked during the GOP debate Thursday night, what would the unemployment insurance account, in particular the unemployed who have met the 99 weeks of benefits.

Gingrich has called for reform of the current system so that each state would have the opportunity to create their own employee incentive program in return for insurance premiums - something the administration has gravitated toward doing the employment package of the President recently.

But while the former president suggested that the benefits have been abused by people who were more interested in living by the penny the government to find the real work.

"It 'totally wrong to give people money for 99 weeks to do nothing," he said.

Most studies of unemployment have shown that fatigue is not a side effect of providing assistance to the unemployed. The money will be distributed just does not cover lost wages for not having a job.

The more cynical of mind will say that the condemnation of the social insurance Gingrich similar to the type of class warfare that the Republicans often laughed ... but in reverse.


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