Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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If Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker really moves just one year into his term, no one can say the movement, however drastic, was unexpected.

Bloomberg News announced today that the HP board will meet to review the dramatic action in the wake of widespread discontent about how the giant Apotheker embedded computing and self-managed in the past year.

Since becoming CEO in September 2010, Apotheker has infuriated analysts may be too close to the future prospects of the company. His predecessor, Mark Hurd, was known for skillfully managing the company, the Wall Street and the stock price. (What has also destroyed the HP R & D, and hurt the morale within the company are less significant facts about the office.)

But it was only the beginning. Apotheker plans to turn into enterprise software company HP and the cloud of the assets of the company as a manufacturer of equipment discounts.

Then things really went haywire in August, when word leaked that HP may sell or spin off its $ 40 billion PC business year, a leak that Apotheker confirmed in the third quarter earnings call.

At that time, he also touted the company nuked, but the light-seller of the store shelf TouchPad, just a year or two after HP spent $ 1.2 billion to buy Palm Computing and a few months after the touchpads hit the shelves. Critics have said that if HP had fixed the price of fancy equipment aggressively against Apple iPad, they would have done well, especially among business users, who complained of IPAD support Flash missing.

His decision, announced at the same time, pony up $ 10 billion the autonomy of the PLC, the British seller of research, further inflamed the faithful ex-HP. Together with the PC, tablet, and the independence of the news cut off the $ 12.5 billion in market value of HP in a day.

"There was a lot of push back on autonomy," a source close to the board of directors of HP told me. "He had too much money for too little."

None of this helped the reputation of HP or outside Apotheker, Apotheker, but this mess has come late, after the government dismissed the rumors and Hurd for expense account abuses. Many observers HP said that the government, led by the giant Ray Lane, VC, should come from his share of blame for the whole fiasco.

"Both the Lion and the board should be fired, no doubt," a longtime partner with close ties to other HP execs HP said. "This transition has been misused from the beginning ".

HP shall not be reached for comment on the report to Bloomberg, which says that the government is also looking for any temporary replacement, perhaps a former CEO of eBay Meg Whitman.


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