Friday, September 16, 2011

James Carville To Obama: Time To Get Tough And Fire Some People

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The always outspoken James Carville has a few tips Obama said:

Democratic strategist James Carville thinks Obama should panic, fire and struggle, in that order.

In a column that appeared on the opinion pages of CNN, Thursday, Carville had harsh words for the White House on how to take on the faltering economy and faith in the Democratic Party.

"That's what I would say to President Obama: It's time to demand a plan of action that requires a complete change in the direction we're headed," Carville wrote.

He advised Obama to follow the precedent of former presidents including Ronald Reagan, who shot most of his campaign team in 1980 and Bill Clinton, who shot many of the staff in 1994 and loads of fire people. "God, why are we still looked the same political and economic advisers that got us into this mess?" Carville wrote. "It works."

Although I am not a fan of the president, I had the same thought for a while. At first it seemed that the problems that the Administration should have been focused on the Communications Office, but even the changes that took place there not lead to a change in the amazing place in the time I can only call the incompetence of those most responsible for getting the message from the President to the press and the public. Two changes in the Chief of Staff did not translate into real change in how government works, either. This suggests that the problems are not on the side of operations, as they are on the political side, which makes sense because the only thing that is constant in this administration is even considering the lack of a policy reversal after it was shown not to work. David Schuler has some photos at the cabinet level, in particular, the owner, Eric, and Timothy Geithner.

While I agree that these two men should be long past according to their records only, the question is his deputy, and the fact that the same person is always at the head of the table. And it may be too late at this point to the class of layoffs, suggesting Carville. Do something like that now sends a signal of weakness expected to interfere with the President to enter the election cycle.

Carville also has some additional advice for the president, in addition to these mass layoffs:

2. Blame the people. There are some people in American finance that are not fully responsible for the downfall of our economy. The demand for justice, a clear way to the study of these injustices imposed extraordinary Americans. I know that Attorney General Eric Holder is a dear friend, but if his explanations are good, fires as well. The demand for answers because no one has been prosecuted.

Mr. President, people are livid. Tell people you are angry and sick of the irresponsible actions of Wall Street that has caused so much suffering. Do not accept excuses. Requires action now.

Take a third case as a Democrat. As we go along with the garbage that is frugal Republican case against him? This is not the Democrats!

We leave the more educated, more explicit bureaucrat named (Congresssional Budget Office Director Douglas) Elmendorf do all the talking. It does not make you. Let's you. Is it any wonder that we have done better in the middle of the recovery period we do with the savings program?

Hold a fourth explanation. Stick to your reasons for what happened and what should happen under your leadership. You must complete until the election (never say that things get better, because they obviously are not).

Walter Russell Mead, is not at all convinced that Carville advised to double progressive populism works:

While the liberal left Democrats still think it should work, left populism not even help Democratic candidates get the Democratic nomination, much less common choices. The siren song of populism on the left has destroyed any hope of Democratic presidential candidate who listened over the last twenty years. Remember Dick Gephardt inspiring campaign for the Democratic nomination? And who can forget the years of Halcyon John Edwards administration?

Council Carville is contradictory. President Obama can not be both populist and consistent at this stage of his presidency. Larry Summers and Geithner did not hide in the White House and the capture of its economic policy, when President Obama was out with friends in the Islamic world and to solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem. President Obama has made his main economic policy choices on their own will and counting. He announced that it was as cold and thoughtful decision-maker, who examines the data carefully before decision. At the end of a curve at 180 degrees Carville wants the president would have to be a Moses, a mountain, the road to Damascus conversion experience. And to pull that off, it just came out with its economic policy, he would re-invent themselves and the American people as a different person and a different kind of leader.

Even if the president fired the first full month policy team, he ended up hiring people, which had exactly the same advice as the first group, because it is a council that wants to hear. Timothy Geithner did not hire as Minister of Finance or in person to ask him to change his mind and stay until the end of the first term, some on a whim. He did so because of the combined opinions of Obama and Geithner, like Obama has wanted to point out that his administration would continue Geithner, who has been helping to implement the wake of the financial crisis of 2008, its position in the New York Fed. There was no evidence in two and a half years, even a small difference between the views of Obama and Geithner. The same applies to politics and other policy teams. People are simply not made the kind of change that Obama wants to Carville, especially if they have never done it before their political career.

Mead also goes to say that some of these tips, Carville is likely to cause panic among the world:

Carville ignores the dramatic and rapid economic rights, if Obama took his advice and his economic team dismissed the charges against the bankers of Wall Street and the overwhelming impressions of the country by Huey Long, when global financial markets are already on the board.

The results show that panic Carville, and that stock markets around the world collapsed, business confidence fell and the world economy entered a recession overshadowed what we saw in 2008. This recession is not the fault of President Bush, that would be seen by voters as an economic avoidable catastrophe caused by a President who has left the rails.

I can not say it's a realistic scenario. The global economy and financial markets are already at the point, a signal that the U.S. economic policy is undergoing radical changes, even those who were responsible for continued, probably because traders panic and pieces of news from Europe seem to do every day. If it is still a remote possibility, and seek advice Carville now would be the height of irresponsibility.

In the end, I think what you really want is Barack Obama Carville, Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton, especially in 1995-96 which is a new game in the middle of the ashes of a devastating defeat in the elections, even more devastating than Obama experienced in 2010, and ran rings around Newt Gingrich and the rest of the Republicans. Of course, Barack Obama is not Bill Clinton. Clinton was much more skilled politician, and it is clear that his commitment to politics, in particular, of course, has never been as great as its commitment to its popularity and increase his political power. That's why I was able to do things as a sign of welfare reform and defense of the Marriage Act into law, and the implementation of the interface do not ask, do not say. He was willing to sacrifice policy to succeed politically. Except in limited circumstances, does not feel that Barack Obama shares the ability.

Barack Obama is who he is, is too late to change that, and Carville and his fellow Democrats, many of whom are upset with the Administration, as hope is not good enough.


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