Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni Giorno! Zara E! Pioggia E Mini Cupcakes! Topshop Chicago

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Missoni journée! And Zara! Sprinkles Cupcakes Mini-et! Topshop in Chicago

I do not know how aunts, we navigate the sea of ​​so appealing ways to spend your money and calories, but that's the power of indulgence of women. It 'a good week to be a girl.

1) If a Missoni Tratta di-at-Target giorni. Sì, proprio ora dovrebbe essere in if agguato zigzaggery è ancora is online. , O is it mattino del passato 8, the vicino negozio più guida al. E poi tornare perched ho così tanto da say that e anche - Quello che voglio sapere hai! Voglio tutto in bianco e nero, in effect.

2) Remember when I said that the proposed final Zara shop online? Yeah, it's time for her too. The site has been live for a few days. I crushed the two-tone patent leather boots, horse riding. Can not believe they could actually lands on my door. $ 89.

Sprinkles 3e fait maintenant mini cupcakes - a message beaucoup plus convivial à porter pulls Missoni zigzag sweaters that original l'pourrait jamais être Sprinkles Cupcakes. Ils sont pré-commande available on a dans l'goût des quotidienne Sprinkles. Je ne peux pas attendre pour essayer. Pour moi, petits petits meilleur goût Gâteaux. (Minus the gâteau, plus glaçage.) 24 $ an douzaine.

4. Topshop is now open on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Famous London couture (and cheap) store opened its first American outpost in New York two years ago. Chicago Lighthouse is number two, and begins the migration to the West. (Las Vegas is next, according to The Telegraph.) Olivia Palermo receives half of her clothes it seems. I have a real murderer of Kate Moss designed sleeve dress with feathers and a double-digit price. I double-digit price tags and forecasts. (Phoenicians - how we are happy)


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