Thursday, September 15, 2011

Solyndra: White House pushes back as house republicans probe loan

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WASHINGTON - House Republicans on Wednesday accused government officials of more to hasten the review of more than $ 500 million in loan guarantees for Solyndra solar company based in California, which recently filed for bankruptcy, what the Vice President Joe Biden announced his approval at a business event two years ago.
"The documents show that when the DOE has examined the guarantee of Solyndra in 2009, he was well aware of the economic problems of the Agreement provides," said Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), chairman of the House of Energy and Commerce Committee, during a subcommittee hearing Wednesday about Solyndra. "What the documents also show is that the race to push them out of dollars of stimulus that could have affected the depth and quality of the DOE and OMB review."
House Republicans show a series of internal e-mails that appeal to the administrative procedures caused a considerable strain on the Office of Management and Budget Department of Energy loan programs to accelerate the funding office for Solyndra.

The Obama pushes against these allegations with the White House spokesman Jay Carney, insisted Wednesday that the White House had precipitated the review of loan guarantees and emails that show a little more than a "programming of the decision. "

"What the e-mails are clearly the urgent need to take a decision on a planning issue," Carney told a group of reporters on Air Force One. "This is a great proposal to move the chair or at an event and things like that, so people just looking for answers as to if people could move on ... I had nothing to -. And There is evidence to the contrary -. nothing to do with anything other than the need for a response to a decision ordering "
According to internal e-mails that House Republicans have published a review of the OMB noted that the rating agency, predicted Solyndra would go belly up in September 2011, almost at the same time he did.

"We came to a situation where approvals fell to a couple of times (and we are concerned About Solyndra the end of the week)," Biden said the employee's domestic policy adviser OMB in 2009, according to an e-mail. "We would prefer to have enough time to do your due diligence and approval by the due date of the notice, not the other way."


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