Friday, September 16, 2011

Update Any Unusual Activity In The Midi Options: UBS, NFLX, TIN, TIF, BBY, ECL, ESRX

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Movers implied volatility

UBS fell by $ 1.40 and $ 11.28, and fall into a new 52-week low of news about a rogue trader cost the bank about $ 2 billion loss. At the same time, the number of options, UBS is running on a daily average of 14X. 12 000 calls and 10,000 puts traded on the name for the moment. October-December 12 calls are active. The implied volatility of options, a Swiss bank is about 6 percent of 73.
Movers unusual volume

Netflix (NFLX) the volume of options runs the 3X (22 days) average of 173,000 in purse and put on activities for 51 percent of the volume.

Temple Inland (TIN) of the volume of the options is 3 times the daily average, with 58 000 contracts were traded, and the call volume, which represent 99 percent of operations.

Tiffany (TIF) options volume is the average daily 7X, where they were exchanged 50 000 contracts, and the call volume, which represent 97 percent of the total.

The increase in options for action will also be available at Best Buy (BBY), Ecolab (ECL) and Express Scripts (ESRX).

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