Friday, September 23, 2011

v for vendetta quotes

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Ness / Capone, because you've probably guessed, is a film about Eliot Ness "for hunting the famous gangster Al Capone during the counter-1920. The story of Ness and Capone was said many times, perhaps especially by Brian De Palma The Untouchables, but Ness / Capone is said to own small translated material.

The script, written by Grant Pierce Myers, was good enough to make the black list of the best in 2010, unproduced screenplays, and is said to look at the life of Ness and Al Capone, with more shades of gray that was the story so far. Instead of Ness is the hero and the villain of Capone, Ness / Capone is a look at more complicated rivals, and he paints as an adrenaline junkie that Ness has become addicted to hunting and relations with infamy Al Capone was. It's great in the intimidation of the poor ladies linen, and showing to the press.

Deadline reports Lincolnwood unproduced script that can not be called so long, that Relativity Media is currently in negotiations with director James McTeigue at the helm of the project and make things happen. McTeigue is best known for the stylish action and V for Vendetta as Ninja Assassin, then it should be a more appropriate choice for this kinetic, action-packed look at the life of Ness.

The director still has to take care of release and advertising for its new finish, featuring John Cusack look-Edgar Allen Poe, The Raven, and is currently casting his next move message to the king, but beyond of his schedule looks open enough to undertake this project gangster.

Is it something you expect? I liked some things before McTeigue, but for me, I think it all goes out to those who have access to drivers.


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