Sunday, January 30, 2011

Farmington hills michigan Internet Marketing Consultant

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Our services offered include: Content Creation Services, Online Advertising Services, Online Reputation Management Services, Search Engine Optimization Services, Social Media Services, and Web Analytics Services.
With over 6 years of experience, Christopher Terterian decided in 2010 to launch an Internet marketing consultant firm serving, both businesses large and small, in Farmington Hills, Michigan and beyond. Leveraging his vast knowledge of mobile media, social media networks, search engine optimization, PPC, website design & development, and much more-Christopher Terterian has become a leader in the Internet marketing consultant community in Michigan.

 With many different Internet marketing consultants to choose from, you may be asking: 
"Why should I choose Christopher Terterian as an Internet marketing consultant?"
The answer is simple: customization.
Car companies do not make one style of car, and website designers do not make one style of websites – so why should your company's Internet marketing strategy be any different? We build our strategies around your company's particular needs and objectives. By carefully researching and studying your website, your competition, your demographic market, and your target audience, we are able to create a unique strategy that will help meet your company's goals.


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