Monday, January 31, 2011

Now Engaged To Hugh Hefner San Diegos Crystal Harris Was Once Linked

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The world would probably seize to exist. Well, the latest gossip here in San Diego is that Jim Lawlor, nick-named the, was seen with Crystal Harris around town in 2008. Although Lawlor claims it was a purely platonic "working relationship", photos are floating around the internet that seem to suggest it was, perhaps, a little more than that.

Harris met Hefner at a Playboy Mansion Halloween Party in 2008. Earlier that same year she was seen at Lawlor’s PB Castle, here in San Diego, at both the Super Bowl Party and the St. Patrick’s Day Party. Lawlor is quoted on his website saying niceties about her having worked for him and wishing her the best. However, some insiders who were at those parties saw them together "really enjoying each other’s company".

Lawlor is the Executive Producer and the main star of the new San Diego-based "PB Reality Show"  to air sometime this year. He is known for throwing lavish parties in much the same style as the Playboy Mansion. He is often seen with an entourage of beauties when he is spotted around town at various night clubs. He was seen on New Year’s Eve at Barfly in La Jolla with about ten of his bikini models and staff members who all seemed to attract the attention of the patrons there.

On his birthday last December, Lawlor was spotted pulling up at Fluxx in his large limo bus decked out with a stripper pole and a most convenient bathroom inside. On the side of the limo bus read: "The PBM’s Magical Birthday Bus". His tab was over $4000 according to someone at the club and "he only stayed a few hours".

Lawlor purportedly arrived in San Diego some 18 years ago penniless and actually homeless for awhile. He has claimed to have slept in his car on several occasions soon after arriving here. He invented a few products now on the market that made him millions. He was reported on KUSI news last fall giving to a local charity that helps.


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