Monday, January 31, 2011

Former Decorated Philadelphia Police Officer Set To Direct Gritty Indie Film

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Ozzie Feliciano and 47 Films  Production are set to start pre-production on Ozzie’s sobering  independent film, Andy the Star. Andy the Star,  a realistic police drama loosely based on actual events, will start  film pre-production in the spring of 2011 with plans to wrap-up  production by the end of summer 2011.

Andy the Star  is a realistic  police drama set in the City of Philadelphia in 2005.  Janelle Mathis, a young Latin woman living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  discovers, after his death, that her long lost father of twenty years  was a legendary police officer in Philadelphia named David Antonio  (Andy) Gonzalez.  Janelle, eager to discover the legend of her long,  lost father by going to Philadelphia, is soon faced with the reality  that the legend and mystic bestowed on her famous father might all be a  myth created by his police brothers in blue to protect one of the most  corrupt officers in Philadelphia's police department history and  possibly a murder.

Andy the Star,  is a grim and gritty drama about a young woman's emotional journey to  find the true story of her father's legendary life, and the emotional  torment between, wanting to believe, and discovering the truth.

I’m very excited to head back to Philadelphia, to the city that raised  me and work on this film,”  Ozzie states.  "Andy the Star,  is a story that has been forming in my mind for over seventeen years,  shorty after I left the police department.  I think what makes Andy the Star  different from your traditional crime or police story is the fact that  it is a very.. very grim story. I tell the story from a real police  perspective and not from what has been portrayed in movies or on  television nowadays.

I think, that my time working in one of the most  elite units in Philadelphia's police department history, the Special  Investigation Unit, gives me an unique point of view and allows me to  show the audience the real world of law enforcement, in spite of how  grim it might be.” A smiling Ozzie adds, “If you come to watch this  movie with a preconceived notion of how rewarding law enforcement can be  or to see police officers and what they do on a daily basis through  rose-color glasses, boy... are you in for a treat”.

Ozzie Feliciano  plans to keep the Andy the Star script and some aspects of the pre-production process a secret and will  not be made available to the public. “I want to keep the script and  part of the filming close to my vest because I plan to put it all out  there for everyone to see and I don’t want people who may be opposed to  what I have written affect what I’m trying to accomplish, which is to  tell this story”.

Filming of Andy the Star  should take about twenty-one days and will require Ozzie, now at one  hundred and ninety pounds, to lose over sixty pounds for a dramatic  scene at the end of the film. “It’s going to be difficult losing that  weight with all the incredible food in this great city but I'm going to  try my best", says Ozzie.

About Ozzie Feliciano:

He graduated from The Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts in 1985, where he developed his love for story telling. Ozzie joined the Philadelphia Police Department in 1989 and was assigned to the 4th Police District in 1990.  Quickly moving through this unit, Officer Ozzie Feliciano was handpicked to join an elite unit of the Philadelphia Police Department called The Special Investigation Unit (SIU), under the narcotic unit and the Chief Inspector.

After several commendation awards, thousands of arrests and an on the job shooting, Officer Ozzie Feliciano, surrounded in controversy, resigned from the Philadelphia Police Department in 1997.  Ozzie Feliciano returned to school and is now the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of JNPC Inc., a software engineering firm located just outside the city of Philadelphia.

About 47 Films Production:

47 Films Production, is a collaboration between Ozzie Feliciano, JNPC Inc and Innovative Media Machine (IMM) with plans to produce four independent film project, Andy the Star , King City’s River, Wake Up and The Chronic. 47 Films Production, along with Ozzie Feliciano, also plan to develop and produce a three actor stage-play named Killer in 2011.


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