Monday, January 31, 2011

Poems And Rhymes Exploring Animals Politics Soldiers Faith Love Addiction And Insanity

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Poetry and Rhymes - Over 50 Beautiful Full Color Illustrations That Will Serenade the Sole of the Caring-Valiant and selfless men and women have fought and died for our country for centuries – and they continue to fight for us today.

This book of poetry and rhymes exemplifies Perry Ritthaler thoughts of insanity, addiction and politics connected to life overseas, but it also gives a voice to soldiers who cannot air their views on the military situation in Iraq for fear of retribution. Perry Ritthaler shows us with his gentle, kind, loving words the courage, patriotism, and the painful challenges to overcome for these men and women who have defended our country.

With his evocative words and smooth pentameter, Ritthaler's Poetry to Caress the Soul does just that, as well as warming the heart, pleasing the eyes, and soothing the mind. The language of poetry, the sensitivity, the evocative imagery, the tender and descriptive phrases and words about faith, love and animals, translates easily from any language the world over, and nowhere is this more evident than in, “Poems And Rhymes Exploring Animals, Politics, Soldiers, Faith, Love, Addiction, And Insanity.”

From the heights of love to the depths of loss, Ritthaler's well-crafted verse addresses the range of human experience.


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