Monday, January 31, 2011

Underwater Photographer Franco Banfi Joins Aurora Expeditions In Antarctica

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Franco is one of the most appreciated photojournalists in the world, having specialised in underwater photography since 1981. With a passion for photography and travel, he has spent much of his life capturing the amazing marine life beneath the planets’ oceans.

He will be sharing his photography knowledge, running workshops and providing a range of useful tips to capture that perfect picture. Departing 4 February 2011 and 15 February 2011, the two 12-day voyages will cross the Antarctic Circle and take in the exquisite beauty of this remote region. The voyages will also feature polar scuba diving.

There are also limited spaces left on the dedicated South Atlantic Photography voyage this season, departing 20 March 2011. Professional photographers, David Burren & Martin Bailey will work alongside the rest of Aurora Expeditions’ team to make this a special experience for the 27 select passengers.

Aurora Expeditions 2011/12 Antarctica brochure was released this week with a photography option on the first Antarctic cruise. The onboard photography workshop will be available for beginning amateurs to seasoned photographers, covering the photographic process from technique, through to digital workflow, to achieving successful results.

The inclusions are pre-trip briefings, guided Zodiac cruises, shipboard instruction and ongoing technical assistance. Departing 12 November 2011, the 17-day expedition is an inaugural Fly/Sail voyage that will encompass the Falkland Islands, South Georgia.


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