Sunday, January 30, 2011

PPC ads Increase conversions. See How

((•)) Hear This Text

This will and will create more visibility for your product or service and is not included in seo service.
First Step: Choose San Diego keywords 
will help you test these keywords for their effectiveness and their power to attract visitors.
 Second Step: Make it Targeted and Original
You should place a different ad for each city. In addition, you must add a personal page for each city, as this will increase your conversion rate and your company will be considered a local company.
The advertising needs to be original and attractive to increase traffic. The landing page should contain the name of the city name or region of service or product offered, even a promotional product / service, and most importantly, a local number.
You should never ask a client to include the postcode of access to the landing page, and you should be as personal as possible when creating the text for the targeted keywords.
There are some other things you could do to improve your ad and landing page:
1. A video presentation of your product will increase your conversion rate.
2. Do not spam the list by adding your business in the regions and cities not close to you, because people click on it and leave your website quickly..

Test, test, test
The last but not the least, test your ad itself or its components, like the phone number, the colours, the messages, the keywords. Also, if you have tested an ad in Google, you should try putting a PPC ad in Yahoo or Bing too.


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