Sunday, January 30, 2011

Professional Grade Expanding Foam And Sealants From Somafix

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SomaFix provide a wide range of different professional grade construction products which can be used by builders and home DIY enthusiasts. These products include synthetic mastics, expanding foam and silicone sealants. SomaFix offers essential high quality products that can provide a professional finish to your construction or remodelling projects. You can order products quickly.

Silicone Sealants:

These are solvent free and can be used safely in confined environments. All SomaFix sealants are European certified and contain fungicides to help prevent the growth of mould and mildew around the home. These silicone sealants are easy to use and create a smooth, even finish. They are non-yellowing and elastic and can be used to seal around baths, shower bases, worktops and sinks.

These products are highly adhesive but you do need to make sure you have thoroughly cleaned and dried the surfaces you are working with first. SomaFix silicone sealants are very effective at repelling water and this can make them difficult to apply to damp surfaces.

SomaFix silicone sealants are ideal for a number of interior construction projects including installing worktops, baths, showers and sinks and also bonding mouldings. Professional grade silicone and bathroom sealants are available from just £1.99 from SomaFix and you can order quickly and easily online.

Expanding Foam:

SomaFix expanding foam can be used to fill cavities and gaps and ensure heat and sound insulation. This top quality expanding foam is highly adhesive so you do need to take care when using this product. Once it dries it can be very difficult to remove so it is a good idea to cover any furnishings before you start. You should also wear protective clothing when you are using expanding foam to prevent it from sticking to your skin.

SomaFix expanding foam will cure in just 2 to 4 hours so is ideal for a busy construction environment where deadlines are tight. This is a versatile product that will stick to most surfaces, however oil and grime can cause it to lose some of its adhesiveness. This is why it is important to clean surfaces before application thoroughly.

SomaFix provides top quality expanding foam that can be used for both professional building and home DIY projects.

Ordering Online:

Product descriptions and images make it easier for you to see exactly what the products are and which ones would be suitable for your needs. You can quickly select which items you want and pay for them through the secure online payment gateway. SomaFix accepts all major credit cards and you can also pay by PayPal.

Fast delivery is offered to mainland UK on all products and this means you can get your order quickly so that you can get on with your project.


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