Saturday, January 29, 2011

Recognition of Suspicious Pay per click program

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They search the information how to get money with the little effort. With the increasing of internet user year by year, there were some take this opportunity for their sake. Thus, there is where the suspicious Pay Per Click program on the net arises.
Suspicious Pay Per Click Program is a program in which promised to pay out money, but they have the option that they might or might not pay out the money. However they have strong valid reason of not pay out money to the participants.
 Such programs that pay out money to the participant, absolutely able to attract user to come to their site, read the information and lastly participate in the program. They put some proof and showing successful participants who got the payment. Anyone can do that actually. So be careful because they just like to get traffic to their site by providing the program. This is easily to catch and can be categorized as totally SCAM.

Some of them offered to join for free without any cost. Some of them charge with little fee to join the program. Both tricks are the same, promising to pay out money to their participant. This trick is very difficult to catch them as they have the right such as stated a policy and T.O.S. but the agreement look like they are God. If there were no win-win situation in their policy and T.O.S, then please be careful to join them.

Another trick that is very difficult to catch out is the situation where they paid to only some of their participant, while the others do not. The fact is payment is happened, thus they provide a valid service. These participants whose get the payment will defend and said the program is truly paid out money. Thus anyone who wants to join, they can do so. However they must take the risk.
This is also suspicious Pay Per Click program.

Another trick is the payment method. Most participants do not aware of this trick and most of the PPC provider does not provide payment or transferring money through instant bank. The payment method should be easy and do not take too long. Today you entitled for payment, tomorrow the payment should go process to your instant bank. The payment should be done easily and quickly. If you got only $30 and entitled for payment after going through verification process, then you deserved to withdraw the amount to your instant bank account without need to wait too long.
However most of them do not provide this service instead they imposed threshold payment method. Threshold where your earnings reach certain amount of limit then you can withdraw your money from their system to your account. 

Yes who bother to send you a check if only $30. Yes, it is make sense right? But don't you think that they as provider already got that money from your work and they might re-use the money for their sake, and you as participant must wait until reached the threshold to entitle for the payment. Although there were only in small amount, but not only you were joined the program, there were thousands or might be millions joined the program and faced the same situation as you. So they might be used any earnings below the threshold for their sake.


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