Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Future of Pay Per Click (PPC) Program

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Those who are running small business having doubt to put their business online. Also people do not care how internet can give them money and business. Most of them just perceived internet as a source of information, not a source of income.
10 years ago, in the early of the year 2000, I am wondering how they generate their income and business just by providing the search engine service. I believed that at that time, most people around the world are not aware to the introduction of Pay Per Click program..Yahoo starts offering this service after acquiring Overture Services, Inc. Google started its search engine advertising in late 1999, until then introduced the AdWords system in 2000.

This advertising program getting more and more popular and the provider of this program also increase tremendously year after year. This program gives great opportunity to the internet user to create money online.
As the biggest company such as Google, Yahoo!, Chitika, and Microsoft participate and become the provider. It is open the eye of the internet user to join this program confidently. Until then, there are a lot of such PPC program arises on the net.
Statistic from, the latest of internet users were 1,966,514,816 compared to 10 years before, in December 2000, only 360,985,492. Based on this data, the trend of internet user increased year by year, and there seem no way to show that this trend will going down.

The prospect of this program are wide open to those who aware and dare to take challenge to involved in this great opportunity. As long as there were the increasing trends of internet user worldwide, and the increasing in the registered websites.


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