Saturday, January 29, 2011

Understanding pay per Click (PPC) program

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Pay per click is an advertising program in which advertiser pay for every click on their ads. On the internet, this program works on a circle that contained publisher, provider, and internet user.
Pay per click program need provider to advertise their advertisement. Some example of pay per click provider such as Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter, Yahoo Network, Chitika, etc… Publisher can be anyone who uses internet (internet user). However to become a publisher, the internet user must make an application to their provider. The provider will process the application and decide whether the applicants deserved to be publisher or not. 
The figure below shows the process to become advertiser and publisher.
Figure 1

 This creates income to provider. Since that I assume this process is not so complicated because this is where provider can create income to their business.
Internet user must make an application to the provider to become publisher. Normally, this application process must go through some procedures, terms and conditions, and policies stated by the respective provider, and the applicant must wait for the approval.
This process is neutral to make sure the applicant deserves to become publisher. Until then the applicant got the approval from provider, they become a publisher. This is where they can make money online when they become a publisher. However not all of them can become publisher.


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